Power Bottoms or Hungry Bottoms?

I once read an advertisement from a young 20-something top that went something like this:

“If you consider yourself a power bottom don’t hit me up. I like to fuck but after an hour that’s enough. I’m not plastic. Go get yourself a dildo.”

Porn actor Calvin Hudson, who may also go by the name Maxwell, straddles the fence between being a power bottom and a hungry bottom. In scenes with a single top he is an adept, skilled bottom…

That a virile young top would turn down some ass surprised me.

However, that ad got me thinking about power bottoms and another term I have heard in the gay world – hungry or thirsty bottoms. Are they the same thing?

So I talked to my partner Morgan and several friends, including “Andre” and “Rex.”

Andre and Rex said they didn’t see a difference between the terms — they both describe bottoms who can’t get enough dick. I tend to agree with them.

“No difference — it’s all in how you market yourself,” Rex said. “Is there a difference between a hungry bottom or a power bottom? No! Insatiable is the word. Hard to satisfy.”

But other friends disagreed with us. Morgan said a power bottom is a guy who is good at taking dick. In fact, Morgan likes power bottoms because they are ideal for long-winded tops and you know they can take your dick, even if it’s large.

However, a hungry bottom is a man so desperate for a penis he will take on any Tom, Dick or Harry no matter how attractive or ugly they may be although the bigger the dick the better.

“Thirsty (hungry) bottoms can’t seem to take no for an answer,” one of my friends in Baltimore texted. “I’ve had a thirsty bottom  that has been hitting me up for two years even though I constantly say no.”

“He changes his screen name and has several accounts. Somehow they think you won’t remember you turned them down.”

…but Calvin also makes films where he takes on all comers like a typical hungry bottom.

Another buddy down in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. said power bottoms love dick and can take it but are more selective.

A hungry bottom will fuck anything, even if there is a risk hooking up with the top could endanger them or be a health risk.

In other words there is an air of desperation around hungry bottoms you won’t see in power bottoms.

“Hungry bottoms take chances that a power bottom may or may not take,” he said.

Personally I’ve encountered a lot of hungry bottoms. They bore the hell out of me because many aren’t good at foreplay. Some of my friends noted many don’t cum or even get hard. And many have asses so loose your dick barely hits the sides.

So like that young top when a guy described himself as a hungry bottom I went running in the other direction.