My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Porn Stars


Haze: This phat booty little thug is what I like. Masculine. Handsome. Got a little meat on his bones. Very vocal. And can take dick for days:

Haze (right) and Double R on the DVD cover.

Double R tops Haze.

Ian Rock: I love a mature Daddy that keeps his body in order and can fuck like a rabbit. Click here to watch an intense scene with Ian Rock and Aarin Driver. I read these two once dated and it’s apparent when you watch them having sex. The lovemaking is energetic and hard but affectionate and passionate at the same time. Tops, look at how this brother makes love and take notes.

Ian Rock

DeAngelo Jackson: He is not so well hung but this brother is mad handsome and is a very talented top and can eat booty like a starving man. He also has a great body and seems to have a winning personality. My partner Morgan wanted to include him on the  list.

Deangelo Jackson (right) and his next willing victim.

Shorty J: Morgan hipped me to this dude. A cute shortie with a fat booty. Can suck dick, eat ass, get fucked and fuck. He’s got it all. And when he does a scene he gives his all.

Short J.

Gene Lamar: And oldie but goodie from the ’80s. Yeah, he wore a tired ass jheri curl. But Lamar has something a lot of young thug actors lack. He seemed to really enjoy having sex and got into it. His little squeals and moans are legendary.

Gene Lamar about to get it.


Gene Lamar retired from porn and reportedly lives a quiet life in California. Here is a photo of him from around 2008. Yep, I’d still bang it.

The Keep it Moving List:

Bobby Blake: Yeah, I know a lot of white gay guys and many Black ones are into the Mandingo Thug type and Bobby fits the bill. But his scenes bore me. He is into dominating bottoms. “Yeah, bitch, take that dick. Suck my dick bitch. You know you like dat dick bitch.” Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Is that all he can say? And I had the (dis) pleasure of talking with him on the phone a few times. He came across as arrogant and not too bright, which was a total turn off. There is nothing sexier than a man with head on his shoulders and not just between his legs.

Bobby Blake

Castro aka Supreme: This is a pretty dude and he has beautiful body and a big dick. But watching him have sex is like watching paint dry. You can tell he is just there to get his check, fuck the white dude and exit stage left. And is he even getting hard? Alas, he is not very good at bottoming either. Stop whining bitch and just take the dick!

Castro aka Supreme

Trapboyy Ace: This shorty is a good little bottom and cute too. But I made the mistake of friending him on Facebook and got to see another side of his personality. He comes across as catty and superficial, disses people regularly on FB and Twitter, and seems to think he is the shit. Part of it may because he is young and fans are falling at his feet. I think dude should grow and aspire to be something more than the bottom flavor of the month.

Trappboy Ace

Q: Readers, could you please share your favorite and least favorite porn stars?