What it’s like to have sex with one of your favorite porn actors

He is one of my favorite porn actors.

He is a not a skinny young kid porn star like Jovonnie or Drilla or Jermany. He didn’t start acting until he was 40.

But he brings passion to the game that is irresistible. Particularly that group sex scene where he is drilling a bottom doggystyle on a hotel bed and cums with a roar and shoots nutt everywhere — on the bottom’s ass and into another guy’s mouth.

Wow that is hot. Let me rewind that and jack off to it some more.

To me there is nothing sexier than a mature black man. The porn actor I rolled with fit the bill. Photo courtesy of JustUsBoys.com Mature Black Daddies thread (http://www.justusboys.com/forum/threads/279331-Mature-Black-Daddies).

To me there is nothing sexier than a mature black man. The porn actor I rolled with fit the bill. Photo courtesy of JustUsBoys.com Mature Black Daddies thread (http://www.justusboys.com/forum/threads/279331-Mature-Black-Daddies).

So imagine my excitement when I went online and learned he lived not a mile away from my house. From time to time I would hit him up and chat and invite him over for a threesome or a cookout or card party. And he would always be polite and sometimes say he would come but never did.

But Friday before last I was fucking a bottom before work and invited him over and he said, “Yes, sure thing. A TGIF morning sex session would be nice. Give me time to get showered.”

It took him so long to come over the bottom, who had to go to work, fucked and left and I was alone when he knocked on the door.

There he was, the man from my digital dreams standing in sweat pants and a pullover in my dining room.

“Hey the bottom just left. You just missed him by five minutes. He had to go to work.”

“Oh okay. I’m sorry.”

“No problem,” I said, fully intending to chat a moment and then send him home so I could dress and go to the job. My work clothes were already ironed and laid over a chair.

However, we looked into each others’ eyes for a hot second and I saw desire so I made a move. I walked over to him and maybe I kissed his neck, or his mouth, or pulled up his shirt and lapped on his nipples. I don’t remember which.

And it was on. We were all over each other. In the dining room and back up the stairs to my bedroom. Kissing each other deeply and taking turns sucking each others’ dicks.

I have to admit it was weird being in bed with someone I had only seen on my flat screen TV or laptop. It was like your favorite Superhero from a comic strip come to life.

His skin was a richer, dark, chocolate brown than onscreen. His smile brighter. He was more slender — the camera does add 10 pounds. However his dick definitely looked bigger.

But the passion that came through on the screen was still there. His moans were just as hot.

I didn’t fuck him. We just did some serious foreplay and frotted, rubbing our dicks together. His skin felt so warm and supple against mine.

“You are so sexy man. And damn you have a pretty dick.”

Can you imagine what it is like to have a person you objectify for their sexiness tell you you are sexy? My ego jumped to the roof.

After we busted a nutt I got dressed for work and we talked about everything from gay relationships, to travel, to folks we knew in common. That was almost better than the sex — he was very intelligent and a free spirit like me.

Since our meeting we have texted on the phone and promised to develop our friendship. I hope we do.

P.S. The porn star knows I blog but I promised not to reveal his identity.