What’s Wrong with the Children?

We don’t live in the Dark Ages.

We understand how many diseases are transmitted. We can cure things our ancestors died from like flies.

And most Americans can read at a third grade level.

Then how come there are so many young folks having raw, risky sex and drugging who get mad at you when you say, “No thanks I’ll pass ”

This handsome 22-year-old hit me up a week ago. Slender and dark as a human Tootsie Roll.

“I want you to flood me with cum,'” he said.

“Sorry, I don’t do raw and I really prefer men closer to my age.”

He didn’t take no for an answer. He sent more pics to entice me. But they turned me off more.

His arms looked like they had track marks from intravenous drug use. Then he sent a photo of his spread ass cheeks.

What was up with his fingers? They had clearly infected, ulcerated sores.

What were those white patches up his ass? Globs of cum or some disease?

And why would you send a stranger such shots?

All I could think is these young men have so much life ahead. I’m 30 years older and still enjoy life.

Why are they destroying themselves?

When it comes to sex, people lose their minds


Photo courtesy of rawstory.com.

My doctor is this cutie from Ethiopia with sparkling brown eyes and smooth café au lait skin.

She knows I am a sexually active gay man so makes sure I get all the proper tests several times a year to check my health.

And she urges me to use condoms for everything — even oral sex.

So with all this knowledge and testing going on I asked her why are so many men in the gay community having raw sex and not really seeming to care about their health?

Dr. Mesfin was silent for a moment. And then she said, “When it comes to sex it’s like people lose their minds. When they get caught up in sex they just do things they wouldn’t normally do.”

“I’ve been a doctor for awhile and thought about this and it’s the only explanation I can give.”

She said after the Mid Atlantic Leather Conference (MAL) in Washington, D.C. over Martin Luther King holiday weekend her office was mobbed with gay men with gonorrhea and syphilis.

The same thing occurs after Pride weekends, too, she said.

One of the main attractions of MAL is a sex party that takes up the whole hotel building where it is held. I haven’t attended but I hear some men just leave their hotel room doors open, lay in the bed with their asses in the air, and let anybody run up in them with a condom or not.

Dr. Mesfin said folks who walk in her office come from all races, sexes and walks of life. Because when folks get horny it doesn’t matter how much money they make or how educated they are — they will do risky shit, she said.

She told me the  story of a 64-year-old white woman who visited her. The woman was unattractive, in fact downright dumpy. She could have been someone’s grandmother.

But test results showed she had just about every sexually transmitted disease in the book.

“Well, when I sat down and talked with her I was quite surprised,” my doctor said. “She is a swinger who goes to sex parties all the time and has sex with multiple men and women.”

“By the way she looked I just couldn’t believe it,” said Dr. Mesfin, adding that all the doctors and nurses were gossiping about the woman’s test results around the water cooler.

So you see, when it comes to sex, you really can’t judge  a book by its cover.