Busted in Druid Hill Park

A vintage photograph of Druid Hill Park.

A casual acquaintance “Jaleel” called me a week or so ago, all upset.

“Come get your cousin,” he said. “He is fucking up.”

Jaleel was dating”Edgar,” a dark-skinned bottom whose family comes from the same town as my Mom. He also has the same last name as my mother’s family so we jokingly call each other cousin although we have not proven the connection.

“Oh, no Jaleel, what did he do?” But deep down I already knew. Edgar. who was married to a woman but divorced several years ago, is a dick hound. I mean, that guy would fuck a tree if someone attached a dildo to it.

“Immanuel, I really tried to make this work,” Jaleel said. “I took him out on dates, cooked for him, and even paid for comedy club tickets. But he is still keeps fucking around on me. I’ve had enough.”

Jaleel explained what happened. He had planned to take Edgar on a date on Friday night but Edgar begged off, claiming he was fighting a cold and wanted to sleep in. So Jaleel went out to Club Bunns, where DJ Thommy Davidson spins house music every Friday night and people dance until the walls sweat.

“I happened to take a break from dancing and looked on Jack’d on my phone and it said Edgar was just a mile away,” Jaleel said. “That made no sense because he lives eight miles out of town.”

Jaleel guessed Edgar was nearby at Druid Hill Park, a notorious cruising spot. People are known to go there and fuck in the bushes, on park benches, damn even the pitching mound of the baseball field.

“I drove over and saw his car and walked through the trees and there he was,” Jaleel said. “So I hid in the brush and just watched and he was doing stuff you wouldn’t believe.”

That piqued my curiosity. I wanted the dirty details.

“What was he doing, Jaleel?”

“That black motherfucker was on his knees sucking three and four dude’s dicks and bending over and taking dick up his ass — raw! I couldn’t believe that shit.”

Jaleel walked back to his car. He meant to just leave a note on Edgar’s car saying he got caught. But his anger got the best of him and he went back and confronted him in the darkness of the park.

“Bitch, I see your ass out here. It’s over. Fuck you. And here is the jacket you bought me. Give it to one of these niggers you fucking in the park.”

And despite the chilly weather Jaleel stripped off his jacket, threw it at a surprised Edgar’s feet, and stalked off.

Jaleel is handsome, a stylish dresser, owns his home and his nice as can be.

“You can do better than Edgar although I know it hurts.”

“Yeah, you are right Immanuel. Thanks for listening to me. I really needed to vent.”

And I hung up the phone.

And would you believe it wasn’t two hours later before Edgar hit me up on Adam4Adam trying to get some dick.

It’s Messy in the Middle


There was no way I was going to get into the middle of the messy relationship with Clive and his boyfriend.

I dated “Clive” briefly when I first moved to Baltimore three years ago. Nice enough fellow but I had to drop him with a quickness.

Here is why. We weren’t dating a month and he was already talking about marriage and picking out spots for the reception.

“Man, pump your brakes. We don’t even really know each other,” I said. “Besides you have already been married three times — twice to women and once to a man. I don’t want to be another link on your chain.”

You see Clive is one of those gay men who is into being in a relationship. They don’t give a fuck who it is as long as they can brag to others “I got a man.” It gives their fragile egos a boost, I suppose.

So I moved on and Clive soon started dating this tall, husky, handsome dark-skinned man from South Carolina. Within weeks they had moved in together and eventually got a stylish, newly renovated apartment in a rowhouse in Baltimore’s up-and-coming Bolton Hill neighborhood.

Yeah, Clive moves fast when he wants to have a boyfriend.

But the relationship wasn’t six months old before Clive was hitting me up for sex.

“I miss that big black dick — this nigger ain’t hitting this ass right like you did.”

“You should see his dick Immanuel — it’s no bigger than my pinky finger when it’s hard. I ain’t feeling shit.”

“He works weekends and as soon as he leaves I got this big dick trade boy that lives up the block come over and set me up right.”

What Clive says makes me sick. His guy is really nice although a bit passive and clueless. I know because my partner “Van” and I have socialized with them.

“Clive, you knew his dick was small when you dated him. So why did you get into a relationship with a person you know wasn’t going to satisfy you?”

Clive didn’t respond. But I already knew the answer.

Clive has a big, pretty penis and claims he is a verse top. But he is really a bottom. His poor dude probably thought he was going to get that dick all the time and Clive flipped the script on him.

So now they were two bottoms “bumping pussies.”

Why aren’t men honest about what they want sexually? Why do they rush into relationships that end up failing because they weren’t open and up front at the start?

Well, guess what? Friday morning I was on Jack’d and got hit up on by a profile I had never seen before.

“Hey, can I come through. I need some good dick,” the man texted.

“Open your private so I can see you,” I texted back.

I looked at the photo. It was a dark-skinned, handsome, corn-fed looking brother. Ummm, he looks familiar. What? Well I’ll be damned. It was Clive’s partner. He was trying to get dick outside the relationship too!

I could have been messy. Clive and I are still friendly and I could have informed him what his partner is up too. Or I could have told Clive’s clueless partner, “Hey, your boy is trying to get my dick too!”

One buddy even suggested I invite them both over to fuck at the same time and sit back and watch the surprise and the fireworks.

Instead I did the right thing. Or at least what I think is the right thing.

“Hey man,” I texted Clive’s boyfriend. “I know your boyfriend and I think it would be awkward for me to mess with you so let’s act like this didn’t happen.”

“Oh, okay,” he responded.

And that was that.

When is it okay to step out?


Gay couple Octavius Terry and Jamal Sims. Photo courtesy of Youtube.

“Javier” is a handsome, 40-something man from Venezuela who sports a closely cropped beard.

He looks like all parts of the world rolled into one – Africa, Latino and European.

Javier loves black men above all others and has been in a relationship with “Raoul” for 14 years.

They own a home in a desirable Northeast Washington. D.C. neighborhood and enjoy a wide circle of friends.

But there is a problem. Raoul’s big black dick, which Javier adores, just isn’t getting hard. They haven’t had sex in months and when they did last the experience was just “meh.”

They don’t talk about it. Javier loves Raoul and they have so much time and money invested in each other he is loathe to separate.

And they still enjoy each other’s companionship.

So Javier slips out, taking off work early so he can get dick. The bigger and blacker the better.

“I do it for my sanity but I don’t know how long this situation can go in,” he says.

Another acquaintance named “Ryan” has been in a relationship and married to his man for 20 years. But his partner is overcoming prostate cancer and is having erectile problems.

Ryan loves him but damn a gay man has to have dick and ass sometimes. So he will say he is having a night out and visit the Crew Club, or The Eagle or Glorious Healthclub in D.C. and suck dick to his heart’s content.

Many gay men want monogamy and that one guy to fulfill their dreams. But relationships can be hard and require give and take and understanding and turning a blind eye from time to time.

I don’t think many people realize this.

Ryan thinks his partner knows he steps out but understands. Javier thinks his dude may be fucking around which is why his dick won’t get hard.

Since having an openly open relationship is out of the question for both – Javier said his dude is possessive and Ryan doesn’t want to crush his man’s ego – it seems things will remain as they are.

I’m not one to judge. This is reality for many gay men.

Q: Readers what do you think?

The Wife Walked In On Us

My buddy “Dominic” in Delaware told me this account about a white buddy of his:

“Rich,” a muscular white bottom, had finally struck gold. He was in love.

He had met a 62-year-old married, in-shape black top, 6 feet 4 inches, 240 pounds with over nine inches of dick.

It took Rich a few weeks of hookups before he could get that big black Daddy dick more than halfway in his ass but “Tim” the black top soon trained him.

Like many white men enamored with black men Rich loved to be dominated. And Tim fit the bill.


This situation reminded me of mature porn star Jerry Stearns, who is adept at dominating white or younger bottoms.

When they met it was Rich’s duty to get on his knees, suck that black dick till it got hard, and bend over and take it.

Tim didn’t as much as kiss Richard. All he wanted to do was dominate and fuck Rich all over his house.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Tim is married. But since his wife would leave for a week at a time he would have Rich over and fuck him right in his marriage bed.

Rich got so into that dick he would arrive as soon as Tim’s wife’s car pulled out the driveway of their luxurious Eastern Shore home.

My buddy Dominic warned Rich. “That’s risky. You shouldn’t fuck in that man’s house.”

But the dick was so good Rich was hypnotized. He had even given up his other black fuck buddies so he could focus exclusively on Tim’s needs.

Well one day the wife left and Rich arrived and he and Tim started fucking vigorously and loudly.

And unbeknownst to them wifey forgot something and circled back and walked back to her bedroom only to find a white man with his legs up in the air with her husband’s long black dick slicing into his ass.

Rich noticed her and probably jumped, startled. But Tim noticed her too and guess what? He kept fucking Rich.

And the wife turned around without saying a word, walked back downstairs, got in her car and left.

The experience rattled Rich, who now swears he is finished with Tim.

“Wow, people have been shot for less than that,” Rich said.

But Tim told Rich he doesn’t have to worry. He has the shit under control.

He earns over six figures, has a fine house and his wife enjoys the good life. She isn’t going anywhere and he is going to keep fucking who he likes.

Wow, when I heard that I thought it was so callous and disrespectful.

But it’s not the first time I heard of such tales.

An acquaintance is in a long-term relationship with a married Jamaican lawyer who lives in a gated community in the D.C. suburbs.

And he would have my friend over and fuck him in the basement while his wife was away.

Well one weekend his son and a friend came home from college and caught them naked in the basement rec room.

The doctor told his shocked son my friend was a sex therapist helping him overcome sexual dysfunction.

I doubt the son believed that bullshit. But Daddy gave him some money or a new car or something and as far as I know the son never told on his father.

UPDATE: Dominic read the post this morning (September 9) and texted me. He said Rich is going to keep seeing Tim. Here’s what Dominic texted: “…they decided to keep right on seeing each other and continue to fuck in his house. (Tim) said it’s his house and that he pays the bills.” Wow…