I’m Coming Out (Whether I Like It or Not)

So I’m down in Fort Lauderdale for the holidays with “Van” and I missed a holiday brunch back home with some of my high school class.

I was touched that they took the time to send a video message to my cellphone to show I was missed.

“Hey Immanuel!,” they yelled in unison.

But later that day a close friend of mine who knows I am out, “Ariah,” called   to tell me I was the object of gossip at the event.

“People are wondering if you are gay,” Ariah said. “I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t offer any information.”

But it seemed like some of my classmates knew. Maybe I was seen out at a club or bar. Others, it seemed, were doing detective work on my Facebook page for clues.

I was too fit for a man my age and was at the gym alot, they said. I dressed too well. I knew how to cook. I gardened. I never posted a photo of myself on a date with a female.

So I must be gay now.

One of my classmates at the brunch who I was really close to (her Mom is like my second Mom) was upset I didnt tell her and privately texted to say she wanted to talk to me as soon as I got back to Maryland.

Oh brother. When it rains it pours.

My best buddy “Barry” also called while I was in Florida.

“Where are you?” he asked.

I was at Hunters bar in Ft. Lauderdale’s very gay Wilton Manors neighborhood , enjoying karaoke with friends.

“I’m in Florida with friends.”


Barry had met Van and we had hung out with him and his girlfriend. I thought Barry knew. But he didn’t.

“Look Barry  I’m with Van and we are in a relationship. You know I’m gay now.”

He didn’t miss a beat.

“Look you are my best friend and I love you. I don’t care what you do.”

Then he talked about why he disliked my ex-wife and how she wasn’t good to me. Then he told me he wanted to talk to Van and and they talked awhile before Van handed the phone back to me.

“Look, we all have to hang out soon,” Barry said. And we got off the phone.

Van and I talked about these developments. I am really tired of hiding him from my straight friends.

So while in Florida we had portraits done by celebrity photographer Duane Cramer, who is a friend of ours. We took the photos by a canal in Wilton Manors.

When they are ready I will post one on Facebook. I won’t announce anything I’ll just put it there.

And I’ll leave it up to them to figure it out.

Florida Swinging: Gay for Pay?



My fellow blogger “Trapped with Her, Driven to Him” just happened to be vacationing in Fort Lauderdale and we are hanging out and having a ball.

My partner “Van” and I took Trapped to the Boardwalk strip club a few nights ago to look at the eye candy and there we met “Theo.”

Theo at age 50 was the oldest dancer there but homeboy had the body of death, smooth ebony skin and looked half his age. And unlike many dancers he could actually dance

We struck up a convo with him.

“Are you gay,” I asked.

“No I’m not. I got a girl and a kids and even a few grandkids.”

But Theo seemed to have no problem making it rain among the predominately gay audience. His unerwear was stuffed with dollar bills, including our own.

But Van doubted his claim he was straight. And later when he came back around, some things he said made Trapped and me doubt it too.

He admitted he had let guys suck his dick for pay. He went to gay clients’ homes to offer “massages.” And he and his girl swung together, sometimes having threesomes with men and women.

So was he really as straight as he claimed?

Florida Swinging: Let’s make STD testing fun!

The Out of the Closet Thrift Store and clinic in Fort Lauderdale's Wilton Manors.

The Out of the Closet Thrift Store and clinic in Fort Lauderdale’s Wilton Manors.

My partner “Van” and I have an open relationship.

And since I have a job back at home in Maryland and he has the condo in Florida we are separated for weeks at a time. So of course being red-blooded same-gender-loving men we are going to have sex with others.


Sitting in the waiting room waiting to be tested.

We were hanging out in Fort Lauderdale’s very gay Wilton Manors neighborhood last week thrift shopping with a friend of Van named “Rodrigo.” I’ve only known Rodrigo a week but love him already — he is a handsome little dark-skinned shorty of Haitian and Dominican descent and is a blast to hang out with.

The thrift shop we visited — Out of the Closet — uses it proceeds to fund the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They also offer free STD screenings on Tuesday afternoon.

My doctor gave me a clean bill of health in late November and we practice safe sex. But Van thought it was a good idea to get tested again since we were playing with others while apart.

Rodrigo is pretty sexually active too and thought it was a good idea. Plus he knew some of the volunteers at the clinic and they told us to come a half hour early or so to make sure we were first in line to get tested because the place gets crowded.

Posters in the waiting room.

Posters in the waiting room.

So we decided to make a little bit of a party of it. I ran down the street and got hot dogs with chili from the Dairy Queen and we sat in the waiting room chatting up the other folks waiting to get tested and sharing snack food.

I was surprised who showed up. There were older gay men who looked like they were in their 70s, this hot looking young black girl with coppery eyes who shared her Gummi Bears with me, and even a mother bobbing her infant in her lap.

But hey. We were all there to make sure our health is okay and we are not spreading something nasty to others. So be responsible, practice safe sex, and get tested too!

Florida Swinging: Christmas Morning Threesome 

My partner “Van” and I are celebrating Christmas at his condo in Ft. Lauderdale.

The weather is perfect but its weird to leave 25-degree weather for sun and 80 degrees. 

Christmas trees and palms trees are so incongruous for this boy from the North.

This morning this 30-year-old guy from New York who is here visiting family hit us up online. He had been chatting with us all week  but I didn’t think he was serious.

Well he was serious so I invited his tall, lanky, light-skinned ass over and we played. 

As you can see Santa was good to Van and me. What a nice Xmas package. Here are some pics.

Jordan the Bisexual

Photo courtesy of Alternet

Photo courtesy of Alternet

I was out running errands today and ran across Jordan when I stopped at a light near the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

Jordan, a slight, young black man with a pecan complexion, was pacing back and forth at the intersection of Russell Street as if he was waiting for a cab or Uber.

Several times he made eye contact with me. Then he crossed the street in front of me and I thought he moved on. But then I heard a knock on my passenger side window. It was him.

I rolled down the glass. Cold air rushed in.

“Are we near the Inner Harbor,” he asked.

“Yes, it’s about a mile away — that way,” I said, pointing to the north.

“Look I need a ride. Can I pay you $10 to take me over there.”

It was the opposite way I had to go to drop my car off at the shop for a repair. But he seemed like a nice kid and he was so small I could easily whip his ass if he got frisky.

“Okay, I’ll give you a ride but don’t come in here and try any shit. And I don’t need your $10.”

“Aww, cool,” he said, laughing.

During the ride he explained his situation. He was 25 years old and from Minneapolis and had been living in Baltimore only a year but loved it. He had been gambling at the casino and lost some money and was ready to go home.

But for some reason he didn’t have a ride (I never got a clear answer) and his girl was mad at him because she found out he was still fucking his ex-girlfriend. In fact, the ex-girlfriend had sent his current girl some compromising photos showing she had screwed him at their place.

“Jordan, man you are going to have to pick which one you want,” I said. “You can’t play two women like that.”

“Or maybe if you are open and honest with them they may be willing to share you — you know some women are doing that now,” I said jokingly.

“Well, they both mean so much to me,” he said, a frown darkening his handsome face. “I would hate to give up either one.”

He was silent awhile.

“Well you know I’m bisexual too.”

I had gotten a gay vibe from him from the way he looked me in the eye. And from the corner of my eye I think I saw him rubbing his crotch and side eyeing me.

So I didn’t miss a beat. “Well, I’m gay but I was married to a woman and I understand.”

“Oh, okay, thanks,” he said.

“How long you been doing dudes,” I ventured.

“About a year,” he said. “I just find them so much easier than dealing with women, especially them two I got.”

I didn’t say anything. I knew that wasn’t necessarily true.

“Hey can I have your number,” Jordan asked.

I wrote my number down on a piece of paper  as I dropped him off at the corner of Pratt and Light Street.

“I’m going to text you right away so I can keep up with you,” he said.

The thought of my partner “Van” and I turning out this handsome, tender  young chicken was appealing. My dick was already getting hard.

However, deep down inside I knew he wasn’t going to text — there are prostitutes and hustlers hanging around the casino and he probably thought I was an easy mark that didn’t pan out.

And he didn’t.