Florida Swinging: Terrell

My partner “Van” and I met “Terrell” a few years ago at Blatino Oasis at the nudist Santiago Resort in Palm Springs.

Terrell, 31, who hails from Homestead, Fla., is a kept boy. His boyfriend, or should I say patron, is “Gerard,”a wealthy, 70-year-old white man.

Gerard owns several homes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and he flies Terrell around the world, to Spain, to Mykonos, London and even Brazil.

Yet I don’t envy Terrell, despite the fact he drives around in a BMW hard-topped convertible probably financed by Gerard.

What if Gerard gets tired of his boy toy? Or Heaven forbid dies and leaves Terrell with nothing? Terrell says he doesn’t even take Gerard around his peeps, who may know Terrell is gay but never bring it up.

I hung around with Terrell by the pool in Palm Springs. He had the best weed. We just vibed on each other’s company – he saw Van and I lounging around nude but we didn’t even so much as flirt with him

“Come on Immanuel. Let’s get high,” he would say while Gerard looked on approvingly from a patio table where he sat sipping his morning coffee and reading the paper.

And I as I puffed the blunt I would look at them and wonder how they got together. The handsome, golden-complexioned, street wise Miami boy and the wiry, slight white man.

Terrell still lives in Miami and one day he hit me up on Grindr, opened up his private pics, and we recognized each other. When I come down to Van’s place in Hollywood we always say we will hang out but never do.

But this morning he hit us up and said he wanted to get high and get fucked and watch me fuck Van. And get pics and videos.

So he came by the condo, we lit up one of his blunts, and we did that thing. Here are some pics and a video clip:

22 thoughts on “Florida Swinging: Terrell

      • So lucky you, you got to partake in another man ‘property’ (wink, wink). “Gerald” the ‘wealthy’ white guy has “Terrell” as one of his many PRIZEd possessions, and the ‘arrangement’ perhaps works out for the BOTH of them. If you’ve got the Money, you can attract and have a guy like “Terrell.” From the photos, “Terrell” is gorgeous, and perhaps worthy of being ‘held’ as a ‘trophy.’ So lucky you Immanuel, you got to stick your dick in another man’s treasure. You should have PAID for the pleasure IMHO. Gorgeousness is sometimes worth the price tag.

  1. Nice pics. I’m jealous
    I am new to Dallas, have not hooked up yet. Maybe I will move to fl if things don’t
    T work out here

  2. Very nice story, hot pics. video and hell yea, this real top negro would fucked him too. Fuck yea and I also am impressed with Van’s long delicious looking dick. Lol. Luv you man..

  3. Question…Immanuel, have you ever done any weed? Do you think weed helps straight men have gay dl sex? If so was wondering if you could write about this experience? I just started weed a little and finding this out..wanted to get your thoughts and hear your story.

  4. You never cease to entertain, arouse and tell it like it is. hot pictures and clips. IO wish I was there to video the whole thing.

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