What’s Wrong with the Children?

We don’t live in the Dark Ages.

We understand how many diseases are transmitted. We can cure things our ancestors died from like flies.

And most Americans can read at a third grade level.

Then how come there are so many young folks having raw, risky sex and drugging who get mad at you when you say, “No thanks I’ll pass ”

This handsome 22-year-old hit me up a week ago. Slender and dark as a human Tootsie Roll.

“I want you to flood me with cum,'” he said.

“Sorry, I don’t do raw and I really prefer men closer to my age.”

He didn’t take no for an answer. He sent more pics to entice me. But they turned me off more.

His arms looked like they had track marks from intravenous drug use. Then he sent a photo of his spread ass cheeks.

What was up with his fingers? They had clearly infected, ulcerated sores.

What were those white patches up his ass? Globs of cum or some disease?

And why would you send a stranger such shots?

All I could think is these young men have so much life ahead. I’m 30 years older and still enjoy life.

Why are they destroying themselves?

20 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with the Children?

  1. I feel sorry for the kid. It’s like he’s doing this for acceptance and filling a void. He needs rehab, a doctor, and a shrink ASAP. Yes We have prep but that doesn’t solve everything

  2. Some men suffer from the “forever syndrome.” They believe in their own invincibility and that they’ll live forever. Unfortunately, we all know that’s not the truth. Naked hugs!

  3. Damn…Disgusting..He must have a death wish, or is already I’ll so he’s thrown all caution to the wind. If someone sent me something like that I’d block them in a minute, he obviously has no respect for himself..
    I think some of these guys feel that Diseases are yesterday, what they fail to realize is that when you interact with s omeone on that level you are vulnerable to picking up something thst person may be carrying that hasn’t yet been detected in him. If they are that easy to have, then most likely they’ve been had by many, making it more likely that may have something and will pass it on with no guilt at all.
    Damn, that photo is just nasty….ewww.

  4. We are all racing to connect with someone who will make and not break us. That mans phrasing (22-year-olds are not children) was just something he had heard before. Just like any of us have said, “flood” before thinking about it, because you think it’s a term people are saying. Get it while the “getting” is good, I guess,

  5. They missing something in their lives, they want to fulfill the void that eating them alive, and prep is making everything worse, I don’t even fuck when a guy says they on prep I just think “raw fucker” loool, I heard sperm has some addictive elements that can turn some people into a cumdump 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Black men have been told in no uncertain terms they are worthless. Gay Black men even moreso. Unfortunately some have believed it.

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