Cruise Ship Capers


Lamont loves to take cruises with his wife. But it’s also a chance for him to hook up with men on the high seas.

I saw my old buddy “Lamont” a few weeks ago. He is the down-low, married man who lives in a big house in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

He has a government job and a real estate business on the side, so brother isn’t hurting financially and is living the good life. In fact, he always lets you know this because he often brags about his fine house and nice vacations.

“I just got back from a cruise to Aruba with my wife,” he said. “It was great.”

“Oh, I bet you didn’t get a chance to do much playing out in the middle of the ocean with your wife on the same boat.”

“Oh yes I did Immanuel,” he said with a sneaky grin twisting his face.

Lamont explained how it happened.

“My wife is very gay friendly and she struck up a conversation with this handsome gay black couple while we were in the elevator,” he said. “I played it cool but they were giving me the stare so I knew what was up.”

Lamont said he passed them a few times in the hallway and struck up conversations. It happened the two guys were friends and not a couple. And it soon became apparent they both wanted to freak with him.

So Lamont told his wife he was going to gym, or to lay by the pool or to the casino. But he was really going to hook up.

He had sex with the guys separately. And they might have even gotten together for a threesome — I don’t remember that detail.

This year’s cruise was not the first time this happened. Lamont said he has gone on other cruises with his wife and hooked up with men. So what should be a romantic trip with a married couple often turns into a chance for him to get some male-on-male sex.

“Lamont, weren’t you afraid your wife would catch you sneaking into their rooms,” I asked.

“Nah man, those ships are big,” he said. “And my wife isn’t very inquisitive. She lets me do my thing and I let her do hers.”

Read more about Lamont in my 2009 entry, “Portrait of a Down-Low Brother: Lamont”

19 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Capers

    • It’s been a while that I’ve commented on your blog Immanuel.. I look forward to reading your blogs as usual.. Your stories bring back lots of real life memories..Hope all’s well.

  1. You always have the best stories. I guess I should say Lamont and his wife are both getting broke off in some type of way

  2. Wow. Just wow. I’m so naive. When I was in college I thought that dudes that had wives and girlfriends never got down. In fact, it was one who always talked about his girlfriend and called her his queen. I had that mentality that if a man did that. He must love and appreciate her full force and not go on the DL…but I was told that men do regardless..and I still find it hard to

      • No problem. I’m fascinated by this blog. I’m like going to read all I can. Ive been having deep emotions for this guy (sexual something is taking over me within). Since he has girlfriend, I figured he must be straight but your blog is really opening my eyes..

  3. Hey man, what happened to that black/ puerto Rican dude. In texas I believed. He haf a blog. I first heard about him because of your blog.
    Is his still around?
    What about hus blog? I forgot the name of it.
    Let me know something.

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