The Nigerian Dancer

The Nigerian’s profile pic.

The Nigerian Dancer teaches Afro dance classes in New York City and comes to Baltimore and Washington. D.C. for gigs.

He hit me up online and for a year has insisted on meeting me. But he looked so young – he is 30 but looks like a teenager – that I continually fluffed him off.

But Monday he visited Baltimore and texted that he wanted to meet me while on his way to a cousin’s home. I explained I was taking a flight to Florida to see my partner in a few hours.

“I can Uber to you in 15 minutes,” he said.

So I reluctantly said yes but was pleasantly surprised. He was very intelligent and mature and expressed happiness to get a Green Card so he can practice his art in the United States and be more openly gay.

Plus he had a beautiful mocha body, tight ass, and a huge duck for visuals.

I took a few photos for souvenirs. Here they are two:

9 thoughts on “The Nigerian Dancer

    • Hey! It was an impromptu meeting and I had a flight to catch (which ended up delayed two hours due to a thunderstorm). So didn’t have time to take many pics or videos. Yeah guess the dicks do look similar. I am 10 percent Nigerian according to so why not? And when you grow up I’m sure your life will be much more interesting. Maybe I will still be around to read them.

  1. That Nigerian dancer is super hot. That body and dick is kicking. It must have been a dream come true to be in the presence of someone that huge, young, slim, built and hot!!! Like looking at your dick just as much btw. Fuck yea boy!!!!

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