Walk of Shame

My partner “Van” is out of town so I hung out last night with long-time friend “Freddy.”

We met at the recently reopened Baltimore Eagle up Charles Street, one of the hottest gay spots in the city.

We caught up over drinks and then went to the dark room bar in the back to see if anything freaky was going on.

But Freddy kept pausing the convo to answer texts.

“There is this hot, built dude I met with a muscle ass who wants a threesome. Are you down?”


“He has a tight ass. You will like it.”

The narrow rowhouse “DeShawn” shared with his family was less than two miles away so we got there in no time.

He had the place to himself. Everyone was at a Friday night church service.

DeShawn, a handsome, 40-year-old brown-skinned man with a rough shadow beard, met us at the door naked and led us up the stairs to his modest room in the back.

The walls were painted fire engine red and his bed was just a boxspring and mattress on the floor covered with a flowery bedspread.

A buddy of DeShawn was there fully clothed. “He was just leaving,” DeShawn said.

After his buddy left we smoked a little weed and started sexing. DeShawn took turns sucking us off as we lay on his bed.

“Damn y’all have two big dicks,” he said, looking almost beatific as he held one and then the other in his hands.

We tag teamed him every way possible. Doggy style. Spoon style. Missionary. He even made us lay back and rode us.

DeShawn was a true champ power bottom. Freddy is six feet four with a dick bigger than mine but DeShawn wasn’t complaining – he made us tap out.

But then we heard women’s voices in the hallway and we stopped all the noise and listened. DeShawn’s family was back from church.

One of the women, who I later learned was his grandmother, must have heard us.

“Did you say something,” she said to another woman.

“No I didn’t,” the woman answered.

Oh shit they probably heard us fucking, I thought.

We decided to get dressed and take the party to my house since Freddy’s house was messy.

But first we had to get past the relatives.

The room was hot and we were still sweating. We looked like we had been having sex. And probably smelled like sex, too.

We walked out of the room. I saw DeShawn’s grandmother standing in the doorway of her bedroom, already in her white bathrobe.

She just stared at us.

We walked down the stairs and a heavy, dark-skinned man with gray hair was sitting in the dining room watching a TV on the sideboard. He was Grandma’s boyfriend.

He just stared at us.

We walked through the living room and young handsome man sat there. He was staring too.

It was the friend you had been in DeShawn’s room when we arrived.

“l thought you left already,” DeShawn said.

Motherfucker was probaby eavesdropping at the door while we were fucking, I thought. I could tell just by his “cat-caught-with-a-bird-in-his-mouth” expression.

I was so embarrassed that if I was not so dark skinned you could have seen me blush.

But DeShawn acted like pulling a threesome while his relatives were in the house was no biggie.

“Oh don’t worry about it.”

They already knew he is gay as well as his baby brother.

So the party finished at my place. I took some pics in both places that I’m sharing.


14 thoughts on “ Walk of Shame

  1. Oh, Walk of Shame is a good title. Ahhh, the misadventures of Immanuel. Oh, to be caught by ‘the elders’ in their house no the less. Yipes. The thrill and the ‘rush’ is in all this, is getting caught, right, Immanuel? Damn, are all the attractive men concentrated in your area Immanuel? The sex count is up to what, Immanuel… four…five different sexual partners in less than a months time? Damn, I’m moving to Baltimore/DC. LOL. You are a great storyteller, Immanuel.

  2. Lol. Very interesting…. Deshawn is a awesome bottom. He was taking dick like a true champ. Sound like a lot of fun until the ” saints come marching in” lol. I always liked 3somes. Its Like being involved in a live porn video with all the sounds and erotic smells…keep having fun and doing what you do brother because time is short. Love you bro!!!!!

  3. I know a few of those bottoms. The sex is familiar & good. Some don’t even take a break (or like taking 1) for NUFFIN’.

    That ‘Family Matters’ arrangement though…my, my this economy has forced some of us together (even if politics/race/ethnicity/class etc.) divides us. Great story, scribe 😀🎃

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