When a Dick Comes Between Friends and the Dick Wins

Patrick’s penis.

I always counted on “George” as a friend and mentor.

We have so much in common. He was once married and is now divorced and lives as an openly gay man. Like me he has grown children. And he is a gracious and kind host.

But a big dick got between us.

George regularly hooks up with “Patrick,” a short, brown-skinned guy from North Carolina who reportedly has a dick so big it looks a baby arm hanging between his legs.

Apparently, George mentioned to Patrick how good I am in bed and Patrick started hitting me up. Which was a bit odd, because Patrick is supposed to be a primary top too.

Patrick started texting my profile on Adam4Adam and then we started texting on the phone. At first I thought he wanted a threesome with George and me. But it soon became clear he wanted to get me alone and play with my dick.

But Patrick’s behavior struck me as odd. It seemed like he was never working and was always hanging around cruisy Washington, D.C. spots like Union Station, which has a notorious men’s bathroom off the lower level food court, or the MLK Library near Gallery Place.

I mentioned to George about Patrick’s advances and his odd behavior and George told me he had concerns about Patrick as well. In fact, he told me he thought Patrick was homeless and a hustler.

“One weekend I picked him up and brought him over and his clothes had that homeless smell,” George said. “So I washed his clothes for him. But I made it clear I didn’t want to make that a habit.”

“Oh, now his behavior makes sense — he does behave like a homeless person going from place to place,” I said. And I thought nothing else of it.

But a few days later Patrick sent me an angry text, accusing me of being a typical faggot who runs and tells everything.

“What do you mean?,” I asked.

“George showed me the texts you sent about me,” Patrick said. “Lose my number.”

I almost laughed. This bum was acting like I was the one after him. He was the one sweating me.

“Why don’t you lose my number first because I don’t understand if you feel that way why you bothering to text me in the first fucking place,” I answered.

I then called George because I wanted to know why he would show this odd man text messages shared between two good friends. No answer.

Then I texted him. No answer.

Then I sent a message to his Adam4Adam profile. No answer there either.

And then I thought about it and realized George is 60 years old and it might be harder for him to get good dick. An although old Patrick might be homeless and a hustler with clothes that smell like musty feet George is probably grateful to get that dick fix from time to time.

So in this case, a big dick trumped a more than decade-old friendship.

15 thoughts on “When a Dick Comes Between Friends and the Dick Wins

  1. “…that homeless smell”? Didn’t realize the homeless had a signature fragrance.
    I’m confused about the whole situation. Why did George even mention you to Patrick? Why did your name even come up? If Patrick might be a hustler, him hooking up with you, wasn’t going to stop Patrick from dicking down George for money. Did Patrick send you his dick pic?

    • Thanks for the comment man. I have to admit there was so much I don’t know about the situation because I haven’t talked to George. I don’t know how Patrick was led to contact me and I don’t know what was said between the two for Patrick to come off all nasty. Patrick sent his dick picture to me without my asking for it period a matter of fact it was still in my text messages which is why I was able to post it on the blog. And your comment is correct there is no reason for Patrick to not stop hooking up with George. The whole thing is weird and to be honest just another example of gay men drama. I’m not going to play

  2. I think it is sad that your friend made sex that only lasts for a short time above your friendship…at the end of our life those who have truly loved us and who we have loved back will be remembered

  3. Not to shame anyone but I kinda feel sorry and bad for bottoms, this life style aint for bottoms at all, unless they manage to still look fly as fuck in the 60’s ( which some do) it can get hard and lonely do wonder he dropped your friendship for that D, atleast you saw where George was coming from even if that’s still messed up…sigh

    • Yes it’s messed up but it’s life. Honestly I don’t care if you wants to keep swinging with Patrick that’s his business. The shity thing is his not returning calls and texts acting all shady. But I’ve already moved on and don’t even think about it other than deciding to blog about this experience.

  4. But how is the lifestyle better for old tops? How many guys in their 60s can maintain a firm erection let alone “put in work”? Ain’t no old men breaking no backs!

    • You would be surprised lol. I know several. More men are working out and staying in shape too. Besides I know several men in their 30s who are out of shape and can’t keep a hard dick.

  5. That is some shady dealings. You are better off without him as an acquaintance. Curious if you and Patrick did get together

    • Thanks for the comment man. No I did not hook up with Patrick and had no intentions of doing that. A matter of fact it was Patrick who was hitting me up all the time out the blue.

  6. After my second read-through (I needed to make sure I understood the situation), it hit me: why was George texting you about Patrick and then dissing him? I understood the reason in your conclusion but why was he even concerned about you and Patrick? If the friendship was terminated by George because of Patrick’s texts to you, then it really wasn’t much of a friendship after all. You’re much better off without him. Naked hugs!

  7. “And although old Patrick might be homeless and a hustler with clothes that smell like musty feet George is probably grateful to get that dick fix from time to time.”

    Oh the shade!!!!!!!!

  8. Lol….ur pal is dodgy hungry dude…..please don’t hold that against him….he doesn’t know better….Good Riddance to bad rubbish!

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