Take a pic before you go

“Roger” had been hitting us up online for months and asked whether my partner and I were finally free to play the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

“I have to run a few errands first,” he said.

I thought he was bluffing and Van and I went about our day and thought nothing of it.

But he showed up as night fell, a handsome light-skinned brother with a beautiful body.

In fact when he walked in I realized I already had seen him – he works out at the same L.A. Fitness we do.

Van and I took turns tag-teaming his bubble butt. It was fun. He was loud and passionate and enthusiastic. And he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy.

After sex Van and I admired his body as he dressed.

“We got to have your picture,” Van said.


I grabbed my phone and shot a pic of his fabulous ass.

“Now turn around,” Van requested.

And I took a second from the front.

Here they are:

39 thoughts on “Take a pic before you go

  1. That red dude is every man’s fantasy. I’m actually jealous because I want some of that. Lol. He is definitely a redo and I’m sure you guys have his contact information. When I drive up in March maybe you can invite him over. Lmbo. Enjoy your day brother. Luv you!!!!!!

  2. Yaya and Immanuel..I am a very private and masculine bottom, and in the bedroom..if a top is hitting it right, I moan and groan. I say the gay community got to many hangups. If one likes dick and it makes them create noise..let them without judgement.

  3. From what you shared, he seems to be a very confident man; both of his nudity and his sexuality. Those are both very admirable characteristics. Thank you for the post and the pix. Naked hugs!

  4. Looking at his body and complexion, he reminds of one of my supervisors, who is a supercute pretty boy, who I’ve been fantasizing about alot lately. I wouldnt go there with him, but it would be nice to deepthroat him and drain his nuts dry hehe then ask him does his girlfriend service him like that

  5. I work for a big named retailer, and today was insanely busy. Eye candy galore, all shapes sizes, colors, races. Nice faces, bodies, asses, dick prints, biceps etc lol

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