The Seven Freakiest Professions

I’ve had myriad sexual experiences and I’ve noticed a trend.

Do you think porn actors are the most sexually charged professions? Wrong.

Gay men who work in certain professions can be freakier. And unlike porn actors they do it for free.

Here are the seven most sexually active profession that I’ve run across:

7: Teachers

When you got deal with bad ass kids all day you have to blow off steam some way. I guess that’s why some of the horniest men I have met are elementary, middle and high school teachers. Plus they are off in the summer and have more time to play. Well, unless they gotta teach summer school, too. One of my more recent flings with a teacher was when my partner “Van” and I had a threesome with “The Persistent One” back in May.

6: Dancers

I’ve swung with several dancers. Even when they get older these guys tend to keep their bodies and shape and be limber. They include my buddy “Randall” in Los Angeles and a former Broadway dancer who now teaches dance.

5: Higher Education

It seems that people who work in academia have a higher sex drive. Wassup with that? During my adventures I have run across a Howard University professor who used to give me head in his office during his student consultation hours; a married college president who I fucked in his hotel room when he visited D.C. to meet with donors; and a pharmacy professor who loves to get on his knees in his study and suck dick (Read “Catching the Straight Boys”).

4: Funeral Directors

I guess being around dead people so much makes you better appreciate living life — and having sex. And it seems that same-gender loving men flock to this profession.

3: Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Maybe men who work in these professions are more in tune with their kinks since they work with people who are trying to work out mental issues. One of the plus sides of messing with men in this profession — you can get a free therapy session after busting a nutt with them.

2: Gospel singers

Some of the ones who I have met may dedicate their vocal chords to the Lord but their dick and asses belong to someone else. I’ve fucked with several, including a well known singer with a five octave range who would sing to me after I blew his back 0ut. Want to get some good sex? Hang around gospel music conventions. Read the “Religious Right.”


1: Ministers

Hands down men of the cloth are the biggest freaks. I can count the number I have been with on more than two hands. I’ve learned spirituality and sexual arousal can go hand in hand. Two ministers I know said the exhilaration they give from giving sermons on Sunday makes them so horny they often go prowling for dick and ass on Monday. One of the downsides of messing with ministers is that many of them have to put up a front of respectability so many marry for convenience. So being on the down-low is common in this profession. Read: “Profile of a Down-Low Brother: Preacher Man.”

Q: Readers, what professions do you think are the freakiest?