The Down-Low Husband Needs Dick

Remember “Jose,” the young man from Philadelphia who had a long-time boyfriend but married a woman for cover?
You know. The one whose lover was best man at his wedding?

Well his wife was at work early this morning and the urge for dick and horniness got the best of him and he started texting me videos.

A matter of fact it was three in the morning and the notification sounds from his Facebook messages interrupted my sleep.
In the first video he sent he inserted a banana in his ass. He had the good sense to put a condom on it so he didn’t get banana puree in his ass.

“Tell me what you want me to do Daddy,” he texted. “I already have two fingers in my ass.”

I thought a moment.

Why not?

“Let me see you put three fingers in.”

And he did.

11 thoughts on “The Down-Low Husband Needs Dick

  1. “Guys just want to have fun”. He’s cool. Probably loves his wife very much but need a little more sexually. Even if he had married his best friend he probably would play around on him too to get a little bit more. Lol.

  2. I’m not certain about his work schedule, but if he’s wide awake and having these urges at 3 a.m., then if he’s in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area, then all he needs to do is to cruise through downtown and check out the street corners. I’m sure he could find a man to satisfy his needs. Or he could pick up a dildo. Naked hugs!

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