Why would a top send a video like this?

A buddy of mine who swears up and down he is a strict top sent me this video yesterday morning.

He claims he was playing with a “bottom” buddy who wanted him to play with his ass on camera for him.

“Oh you must want some dick,” I texted him.

But my buddy said although he likes people playing in his ass he will never want a dick in it.

I think he is lying his ass off. In the video that bottom sounds more like a top to me.

And why send it to me? Is it an invitation?

24 thoughts on “Why would a top send a video like this?

  1. I find that black gay men are so sexually repressed and forced to cope with our heteronormative society and its mandates on masculinity verse femininity, that we can’t be honest about what we enjoy. We treat our sexual roles as if they are personal indictments on who we are as men. Ass play feels good and it’s totally okay if you like it. I’m sure he bottoms. Maybe not regularly, but he certainly thinks about it. And you’re certainly someone he fantasizes about when he’s in that mood. Just my opinion.

  2. The BEST side of a man is his Backside. That guy, who sent the video, to me would be a friend indeed! Immanuel don’t be a fool. Enjoy the view. That is a true friend. Remember Immanuel: You post videos and pictures of your hind-parts and front parts on this vlog, and trust me – they have been APPRECIATED! (wink, wink)

  3. I have experienced this more than once.
    I had just recently hooked up with a brotha who I thought was all top . Long story short he wanted the Dick. I had dated a guy 3-4 years ago who had so much swag and appeared to just ooze masculinity. .6 mos. In he changed, also there is a process in taking Dick, nothing u do without preparation. No one likes a freakin. Mess.just be yourself guys. If I dig u it doesn’t really matter. U like what u like be honest. Sometimes u feel like a nut. Sometimes u don’t. In closing he is either curious. Or ready 2 assume the position he always wanted.

  4. I’ve known this brother for like 10 years. He was always the power top at parties banging guys on and on and on. I guess he now wants to find out what the bottoms love so much. Not mad at him. Versatility is the new Black.

  5. I’ve said this to Emmanuel before, that I started out as a 🍑. I grew up the “sissy”, “battybwoy” who everyone assumed to be a bottom from birth.

    And then a variety of sex parties later, a few bottoms decided that I was wasting my time, talents & 🍌, & that I should step into the bad side & pull up to their bumper (bay-beh 😜).

    My life has never been the same since I started topping. I have slayed more 🍎s than I can recall (as per Manny: I lost count back in 2011 🤣🤣😃🤔🤔😜).

    Do I let my bottoms know I enjoy the occasional bear Daddy 🍆? Don’t ask, don’t tell. For some, telling them breaks the glorified fantasies they have of me laying pipe & taking them down.

    Do I bottom shame? Hell nope 🙅🏽
    Topping makes me so much more empathetic to a bottom’s desires.

    And with all that said and done: homeboy wants pipe. A strict top RARELY sends teaser 🍑 videos to a top JUST for fun #invitationtotreat
    I’ll take what you don’t desire, Manny 😃😃😃👀😜
    #thirsty 😉

  6. Nice video Manny.. Sexy greased black cheeks. Lol. It is what it is but I noticed a lot of gay guys, especially true tops, seem to think bottom gay guys are more gay than them. My gay male cousin frowns on his black friends who bottom. When he chats with a bottom that he’s trying to conquer he quickly lets them know he’s a true top…but yet he told me privately that he would get fucked regularly if the love of his life asks him to. He said he would do anything to satisfy his soul mate….so my thing is if he wants you to fuck him and I don’t blame him if he do, its cool. I think it all depends on the situation and the mood. But let’s not frown on a top- looking, masculine, football loving, beer drinking dude turning their greased ass up to be fucked and enjoy it. Lol.

  7. Issa a bttm ! Lol joking aside
    He wants you to fuck him,is he younger or older than you ? Some “tops” like to get fucked by older mature tops #shrug and that ass of his looks like it’s been fucked b4 lol go for it!!
    Enjoy that nice bubble bussy 😂

  8. He may want to experience being done. A friend of mine used to send out ass-pix when he was alone and had consumed too much whatever. He eventually was turned-out and now he’s happily married – to a top! Naked hugs!

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