RIP Giovanni Melton

Giovanni Melton

Fourteen-year-old Giovanni Melton was murdered by his father last week. I know this happened days ago but it’s taken me time to process this and write about it.

With all the bad news going on in this nation — mass shootings and this incompetent piece of shit that is our president  — this murder shook me.

Giovanni’s father Wendell Melton claimed he went to visit his son in an apartment in Henderson, Nevada. His father had put him in the apartment because Giovanni allegedly did not get along with his new wife.

Giovanni allegedly skipped school that day and his father wanted to check on him. Instead they got in an argument, Giovanni allegedly pushed his father down, and when his father got up his gun went off, striking his son in the chest.

However, news reports say his father had been burning with anger over the fact his son was gay and had previously pulled a gun on Giovanni and his boyfriend. Some say Wendell would rather have a dead son than a gay son.

Some people in this world are so hateful. So ignorant. That was his child. His flesh and blood.

Who gives a fuck what the world thought about your son? Why is your masculinity so fragile that you have to kill your  child to prove you are a man?

To add to the pain Giovanni had been in foster care and abused and neglected by his family for years, according to his former foster mother Sonja Jones.

Such a short life filled with such misery and hate from people who are supposed to love and accept you. That bothers me the most.

I hope and pray Giovanni has found comfort in the afterlife and some good on Earth will come from his death.