Running into Family at the Sex Party

Family can show up in the oddest places. Photo courtesy of Adweek.

Last Friday my partner “Van” and I had a sex party in honor of a buddy who had moved away from Baltimore and was back for a week-long visit.

It was a great party — about 35 guys showed up despite the fact there were three other sex parties going on in town. The sun came up and there were half a dozen guys over so we all went out to breakfast at a nearby diner.

I was coming to work on the commuter train this morning when I ran into “Winston,” one of the guys who attended. I’ve known Winston for years — he is a handsome, short man in his 50’s who is a lawyer by day but a freak at night.

“You know one of my cousins was at your party and I didn’t even know he was gay,” Winston said.

It seems Winston was in one of the bedrooms groping around in the dark and grabbed this beefy, dark-skinned guy’s ass. And the guy turned around and grabbed Winston by the dick and balls.

Then they made eye contact. And flushed with embarrassment.

“Oh, shit. Cuz what are you doing here,” “Dexter” asked.

It’s funny. I’ve known Dexter for years too but never knew he and Winston are second cousins.

Each year the two cousins see each other at a big family Thanksgiving dinner and an annual cousin’s bowling party. And neither had an inkling the other swung with men.

It’s funny how every time we have a sex party there is some funny story to share. Friday night was no exception.



16 thoughts on “Running into Family at the Sex Party

  1. Talk about your embarrassing moments I think I would have turned white as a ghost LOL almost like the time I sent a sex picture to the wrong person in a text I still get flushed when I see this person at work. Got to pay attention LOL

  2. Well thankfully the cousins didn’t go to far in getting it in. I’d hate to be at thanksgiving with them after they haphazardly sucked each other or poked one another.

  3. That’s crazy. I’m glad they didn’t take it further. I want to come to one of your Sex Parties. When will the next one be? I bet you guys have so much fun.

  4. Your party-goers are intensely intimate: y’all went to brunch after rockin’-knockin’ da boots?! Where dey do dat @? -grins- #impressive

    You know where I stay @: my family are miles away & don’t swing this way (as far as I know). So I may not run into any blood relatives @ the “freak show” (unless they drop by for a visit both to the city and the party unbeknownst to me). But & however: it is queer central, so I KNOW I have groped a few familiar friends’ asses & dicks in passing. As for me hittin’ dat 🍑 or sucking some 🍌🍆💦💧💦💧💦? I can’t say for sure.

    If I did knowingly encounter friends & family at a sex party, I’d be cool about it. That’s a guarantee. We are both adults, both outchea looking for the same nuts, with slight variations about how we get it. #donttalkaboutUSatthefamilyfunction #dontask #Illnevertell #datassphatdoe #nicecurve #swingdatdingaling #boysngirlsjuswannahavefun
    #aintnoshameinmygame 😉

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