Gay shows I’m watching on Internet TV

Some of the best Black gay television is on the Internet.

The acting, writing and cinematography are getting better. But there are drawbacks.

Sometimes you have to pay for episodes or a subscription. Or the series ends before it comes to a satisfying resolution due to lack of funding.

Still here are my favorite web-based gay shows. Let me know what you are watching too in the comment section!

Red Skin (The Arthouse)

Karras Jordan and Kevin Boles Jr.









Lovers Santana (actor Karras Jordan) and Kaleb (Kevin Boles Jr.) are like night and day and oil and water. Santana is street — a rap producer trying to catch a break who wears the latest fashion. Kaleb is a medical student in residency who favors preppy, button down shirts. But they have a magnetic attraction and a dark, twisted relationship. Like co-dependent drug addicts. They both play games and resort to violence, especially Santana. Will the relationship survive or will they end up destroying each other?

What I love about it: It shows just how twisted and complicated gay relationships can get.

Love @ First Night (SlayTV)

Jayden (left) and Spencer.










Jayden (Ramad Carter) and Spencer (Kyle Price) meet when Jayden comes to birthday party at a Brooklyn apartment that Spencer shares with his over-the-top roommate Alex. It is literally love at first sight and they hook up that night and embark on a relationship. But friends and frenemies, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a lovestruck co-worker and family makes things complicated. Will Jayden and Spencer’s relationship survive the storms?

What I love about it: This show is a great comedy but it really shows some of the realistic things that happen as couples get to know each other better and must decide whether they can accept each other’s flaws. And Jayden’s sister Deidre is a hoot!


Kaleidoscope (The Arthouse)

Thomas Mackey









Anthony “Ant” (Thomas Mackey) got baby-mama drama and is down on his luck so does gay porn for the money. His girl and family find out and shun him. Ant swears he ain’t gay but we all know better. He just hasn’t come to terms with it. So we go on a journey with the broodingly handsome Ant as he goes further down the gay porn rabbit hole.

What I love about it: This show puts a spotlight on the travails everyday black gay men can face while finding themselves. The porn things just make things that much more complicated.

Miles + Cal (The Arthouse)

Miles (bottom) and Cal.









Los Angeles graphic designer Miles (Tamario Fletcher) meets Cal (Willie Albert Loman III) online and they hook up. But Miles soon learns Cal dropped out of college and is now homeless and robbing homes with a buddy to makes ends meet. Despite this they get into a relationship. Like the couple in Red Skin it’s a case of opposites attract but Miles and Cal seem to have a healthy love for each other.

What I love about it: Their scenes together are so sweet and loving you just can’t help but root for Miles and Cal to make it.



11 thoughts on “Gay shows I’m watching on Internet TV

  1. I have always loved Gay black television shows. When I first decided to come to terms with my sexuality I went back and watched Noah’s arc and then stumbled on LA complex about Kal and Tariq who was fine as hell…IJS. Then recently Red skin . It is always liberating and informative. You find alto to related to. I’ll have to watch these new shows Imannuel. Thanks.

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