The Nigerian

Protest in London against homophobia in Nigeria. Photo courtesy of the London Evening Post.

The Nigerian is 30 years old and is here visiting family. I met him on Grindr.

He is beautiful to behold, with a handsome, oval face and slight, tight body.

He has flawless deep ebony skin that is smooth as a baby because he grows so little body hair.

He is just a mile away so he has become a regular, dropping by to get as much dick as he can before he goes home.

Because being gay in Nigeria is no joke…it can literally get you arrested or even killed.

The Christians in southern Nigeria persecute people who are LGBT. And so do the Muslims in the north.

Newspapers will run gossip articles exposing you.

There is no way to run, he says.

His first male sex was with  a teacher at the boy’s school he attended as a teenager. Which was molestation since he was not at the age of consent.

Now he must find partners in Nigeria and have sex as clandestinely as possible because anybody can report you and have you arrested.

He is also under suspicion because he is grown and has not married and had children. He does not even have a girlfriend.

“I refuse to get married,” the Nigerian said, explaining that despite the dangers he will remain as true to himself as he can.

I feel sorry for him, admire his bravery and wish he could enjoy the same liberties as same gender loving men in the United States.

But until he leaves we will make his visit as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some video clips and photos of him and my partner “Van” and I playing with him:

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

17 thoughts on “The Nigerian

  1. I don’t know what is worst: the Nigerian’s reality in his homeland, or you and “Van” taking advantage of him, having heard his story and of his reality. “Newspapers will run gossip articles exposing you. There is no way to run, he says” Com’mon,
    Immanel and ‘Van,’ the guy needed a friend, not necessarily a fuck in the ass. Yeesh. Well at least you used a condom, because who knows what STD you – or he- might have picked up.

    • Actually he is a friend of ours and hangs out with us both in and and outside the bedroom. We give him advice and I plan to put him in touch with LGBT organizations that help immigrants afraid to return home. Lastly he is using us in a good way…he likes our sex and keeps coming back. Have a great day Anonymous and keep pushing safe sex. It saves lives.

  2. Just realised that I have missed several postings 😦 – but I could not let the last comment go unchallenged.
    1. The guy was on Grindr to start with – he definitely was not on there to exchange chocolate chip cookie recipes
    2. He has become a regular – you dont become a regular if you are not enjoying what is on offer.
    3. At 30 – he is adult enough to know what he wants and to make choices.
    This is a win win situation. I am from Africa and live in London – so I can relate to the Nigerian guy’s story. He is very fortunate to be able to get out of Nigeria and eat as much as he can – the other 99.9% LBGT there is stuffed. Im with you on this one Immanuel. You are a practical friend – Well done !!!!

      • ‘Because being gay in Nigeria is no joke…it can literally get you arrested or even killed.’
        ‘Newspapers will run gossip articles exposing you.
        There is no way to run, he says’.
        If the Nigerian is not aware of the serious HIV problem in the USA. Many high risk individuals do not test regularly and are not even aware that they are HIV positive, and, if they know, don’t always disclose it beforehand to sexual partners.
        Now THAT’S harsh.

      • You always write this same comment. We get it. I’m on Prep, get tested every three months, and practice safe sex. I get it. I don’t mind you being off topic but try to stay on point about what this entry is about.

      • Immanuel you are being smart in using PrEP because you are not expecting to see proof from a medical professional that all of the sexual partners you and Van have can show that they have not contracted anything. It’s great that you are enjoying your sexuality, but some people you are meeting up with for sex may not be as upfront about any sexual health issues that they are having or may be asymptomatic. Maybe it is just me but if you have one partner why does one not explore EVERYTHING sexually with that one person, who you know is ‘clean,’ rather than random people, whose sexual health status is not confirmed. Immanuel ( and any of your readers), will you speak on the psychology of gay men’s desire for random sexual partners. At it’s heart and core – what is it all about? And where the hell are all of these very sexually desirable, virile, healthy guys that you are meeting up with and finding on every street corner to be found?

  3. Me and every female and secretly gay man had a crush on this dude from Ghana. We use to work togeather. Brother was fine as fuck. Chocolate and smooth skin and the body was impressive. He always smelled good and was not into fashion. He mainly wore sweats. Which is a turn on for me. I like plain dudes. One day he caught me staring at him and I couldn’t turn away because he looked so good. He caught my gaze and we just stared at each other but the stare he gave back had so much fire and passion in his eyes. As time went on we playfully flirted with each other. One night when the clients went to bed we all got drunk. His client room was across from my client room. He was just in the door way staring and smiling. So my freaky ass decided to give him a show. I started rubbing on my dick through my pants which had his dick brick. I flashed some pubes and the base of my dick. He was motioning for me to pull them all the way down but I liked how I had him wanting more. He probably wanted to buss in his sweats. I also had to be mindful that their was other staff there. As soon as I got the courage to go over to his room another staff was coming down the hall. I had to say it real loud like what’s up such and such so my Ghana crush could get his dick togeather in his sweats lol. I wrote him a letter that night like a high school boy and left my number. He texted me back and Basically told me that what happened which to me was nothing he said could never happen again. He said he never been with a man but he want to but he was to scared too. His country was hard on gay men and his family would dis own him. He said although he craved men he would never do that to his girlfriend. He could never lay with another man and then lay with her. He said even if such and such was not coming down the hall nothing would of happened. Even the Africans who live over here live in fear of being caught and shamed in their country even if they are not living there permanently. He was my perfect type of man and because of his culture I could never have him. I’m smiling just thinking about how he made my day every time we worked together.

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