Picking him up off the street in Los Angeles

Boys Town in Los Angeles. Photo from Youtube.

I was on business in Los Angeles a month ago and my partner “Van” tagged along.

As usual we stayed in a hotel on Santa Monica Boulevard in Boys Town so we could walk to The Abbey and the other bars. Or hit Kitchen 24, where you can get a waffle, Caesar salad or a bowl of chili at any time of night.

To celebrate a successful trip Van and I got pedicures and manicures. I got done before Van so decided to run down to a shop a few blocks away to buy some novelty socks that a friend back at home wanted.

That’s when I ran into “Devin” in the intersection  of Santa Monica and Hancock Avenue. A tall, dark-skinned, slender brother with sharp features. He was walking his Jack Russell terrier and the feisty dog had run around his legs and tangled him up in its leash right in the middle of the street.

It was a funny sight but also sexy because Devin’s shirt was open and you could see his broad chest and skin so smooth it looked like Hershey’s chocolate.

“Umm, handsome guy,” I thought, catching his eyes briefly. Then I went about my business. So many black men in West Hollywood are into white men I didn’t think he was interested.

A few hours later I caught up with Van and he said he flirted with a tall, dark-skinned guy on the street, mentioned that he was here with his boyfriend, and that we were in an open relationship and played with others. He said the guy was on his way to a friend’s house party but wanted to come by later and play.

Devin’s torso. Told you it was nice.

By Van’s description I figured out it was Devin. It had to be the same guy.

Devin dropped by when night fell and we had drinks with him and a  buddy of mine who lives in Los Angeles. I walked my buddy to the car while Van and Devin went to our room to get started.

By the time I got there 15 minutes later Van and Devin were already half-dressed and groping each other. Devin was hot — he had modeled and had a beautiful, lean frame and high, tight ass. His was slightly bow-legged, which was hot, too.

We started hugging and kissing and then Devin gave Van and me head. Then Van slid on a condom and opened his ass. And then I took my turn. It went on like that for more than an hour. He loved taking dick and acted like he couldn’t get enough.

We had to sneak Devin’s dog into the hotel room in his backpack. Every so often the sounds of us making love would get him to barking in the bathroom. But luckily the hotel didn’t find out we had a dog in the room.

After we all nutted we fell asleep in the bed — all four of us. Van, me, Devin in the middle, and his dog at the foot. And we woke up and went to breakfast and then we dropped Devin off in Inglewood on the way to the airport and went back home.

I think we made a friend.

“Would love to see you guys again soon,” he texted us today.



7 thoughts on “Picking him up off the street in Los Angeles

  1. Typical Emmanuel…
    Go into a coma for a month or three, then you just out the gate with two, in one day. Probably will have 10 by the end of the week.

    Hot niggas just be falling, in you and Van’s lap. I mean I can’t see his face…i mean he could be a buttaface, but body still be bangin.

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