12 thoughts on “Wow, I’m having a lot of sex…

  1. There wasn’t really an accurate option for my frequency so I took the test twice. Each one closes to my accurate situation. The first test said I have sex More than 80% of people, in my circumstance. The second test said I have sex 69% Less than people in my circumstance.

    So I guess that makes me having 75% MORE or LESS than people in my circumstance?

    Did you really need a test to tell you, that you have sex more, than men your age, with a steady partner?

  2. LOL daddy, you are a regular bunny rabbit with all the sex you are getting!! 👍👍👍 Really interesting, Manny! 😘

  3. (Gnashing my teeth and banging my head against the wall). I am green with envy. And green is generally not a color that looks good on me…….

  4. If you dont use it you will lose it does not apply for you! How many different holes have you dipped your pole in?

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