The Persistent One

He had hit me up on Adam4Adam for a month, a slight, muscular verse dude who said on his profile he couldn’t say no to a big dick.

But the timing wasn’t right. 

My partner “Van” and I were busy, or running errands, or out in California at Blatino Oasis. Then I was in Atlanta for business.

But he was persistent. “I will hit you two up when you get back.”

And tonight he did and the sex was worth the wait. 

I fucked him and Van fucked him and he fucked Van and I fucked Van while Van fucked him then I fucked him while he fucked Van. And on and on for two hours.

I had to get up and turn on the ceiling fan the room got so steamy.

We took a few photos. Here you go:

15 thoughts on “The Persistent One

  1. Beautiful!
    Somehow I wasn’t expecting it to be good especially if the persistent type
    But good for you šŸ˜

    • Exactly Yaya! The persistent ones are usually the ones who can’t get sex because they have some issue — bad technique, body odor, or just crazy. This dude’s sex game was A+

    • He seemed like he wanted to do that but in situations like this you just see how things go. He seemed like a great guy — he is in education — and like he had a great time.

  2. Damn, Immanuel, you get more ass than a public toilet! Are all the men worth fucking concentrated in your neck of the woods? And you record all this fuckin’ too. You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you? So much for what life would be like after you parted ways with the mother of your children. You are livin’ it up!

    • Hanks for your comment. No I don’t get as much ass as a public toilet…just my fair share. No all the fuckable men are not in the DMV lol. I’m not proud of myself per se….my partner and I just enjoy good sex with ourselves and others and sometimes take pics. And I do believe one should enjoy life and be good to others.

  3. Great pics bruh. Seems like you guys had a really nice time. Life is short man. Enjoy life to its fullest. I know I do. Lol. Nothing wrong whatsoever with consenting adults having a little fun…. hurting absolutely no one. Looking forward to seeing you again man….

  4. So awesome! There’s this guy I want so bad but he got a girl…And I got this strong lust for him for no reason…We hardly get along but I want to sex him bad and it’s gets intense in my gut..And I can’t even look him in the face when I’m around. How can I have all.the fun like you? Lol

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