The Postman returns…but doesn’t deliver

The Saturday before Easter the mailman returned. I hadn’t seen him in more than a year.

Turns out he had transferred to a Post Office in Washington DC and was no longer delivering in my Baltimore hood.

But he was home for Easter and wanted to take off the edge by having a threesome with my partner “Van” and me.

He was still as handsome and tight-bodied as ever. A few pounds heavier but all in the right places.

Still it was a weird threesome. 

It took him like an hour to prep. I thought he had fallen asleep in the downstairs bathroom.

Then he needed a drink.

Then a little weed.

Then Van and I started tag-teaming his little brown ass. But then he got spooked by us taking pics and abruptly left.

No biggie. You win some and lose some.

Here are a few pics:

9 thoughts on “The Postman returns…but doesn’t deliver

  1. Immanuel..U are tall..Its always sooo interesting to read about someone, but to actually see that person in the flesh brings a kind of reality to the light. I thought U were about 5′ 9 incheinches, you look as though U are about 6 feet 2 inches.

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