Blatino Oasis officially checked off my bucket list. Would I do it again?

Well my partner “Van” and I have struck Blatino Oasis off our bucket list.

The men were beautiful, the weather perfect and we couldn’t have picked a better place to stay – the Santiago Resort.

We met lots of cool peeps, including running into big-dicked porn actor Cutler X while trolling the kinky back paths of the CCBC resort where most Blatino Oasis events take place.

But would we do it again? Nah, don’t think so.

The pool party bored us. We had already seen some of the featured exotic dancers the night before at the Copa Club.

Plus the entertainment started late and there were long gaps between acts, so things could have been organized better.

We left the pool party before the sex show featuring Remy Mars and others but some of our friends told us the performance was lackluster and abruptly ended.

And the sex party Saturday night was mostly young stylish black gay men running around in small herds, ogling at and chit-chatting about the relatively few people having sex.

In fact most of the people having sex were white men and not the Latin and Black men this party attracted.

Several folks who had attended past Blatino Oasis events said this was the least fun one they had attended in years.

So Van and I solved that problem by inviting two guys back to the Santiago for a nice foursome, including the slim guy we played with on the first day.

Because hey, when you reach a certain age you learn how to make your own fun wherever you are.

In Palm Springs for Blatino Oasis

Well my partner “Van” and I have arrived in Palm Springs for Blatino Oasis.

It’s a beautiful little sun-kissed town in the California desert.

Restaurants, mountains all around, shopping and a definite gay vibe.

We are staying at the Santiago clothing optional gay resort. I’m already by the pool. These shorts are coming off shortly.

Blatino Oasis festivities start tonight.

I’ll let you know how things go…unless I’m having so much fun I forget to blog.

The Postman returns…but doesn’t deliver

The Saturday before Easter the mailman returned. I hadn’t seen him in more than a year.

Turns out he had transferred to a Post Office in Washington DC and was no longer delivering in my Baltimore hood.

But he was home for Easter and wanted to take off the edge by having a threesome with my partner “Van” and me.

He was still as handsome and tight-bodied as ever. A few pounds heavier but all in the right places.

Still it was a weird threesome. 

It took him like an hour to prep. I thought he had fallen asleep in the downstairs bathroom.

Then he needed a drink.

Then a little weed.

Then Van and I started tag-teaming his little brown ass. But then he got spooked by us taking pics and abruptly left.

No biggie. You win some and lose some.

Here are a few pics: