But My Ass is Tight!


Okay after I write this blog post you are going to think I’m shallow. And maybe a bit catty too.

But I gotta discuss this with y’all. So here we go.

Why is it when a person you are not attracted to hits you up online or in person and you say “Nope, not interested” they gotta come back with, “Oh, you gotta try me out. Your big dick will love this tight ass.”

This always makes me ponder…

“How do you know your ass is tight?”

“Have you fucked yourself to find out? How did that go?”

“Do you have receipts? I mean, do you have some references I can call and check to make sure that ass is tight”

And look a tight ass — or a big dick for that matter — does not guarantee good sex. There has to be mutual attraction. And you better bring some boss foreplay skills to the table before you think about getting me.

Because if a tight ass is all you got to offer I might as well get a fleshlight and jack myself off.


4 thoughts on “But My Ass is Tight!

  1. Hehehehehe……… “have you fucked yourself and found that out”……Good HEAVENS daddy, you are so silly 😋!!! LMAO 😂 😂!!!!

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