Onyx Code Red Party

My buddy “Manuel” from Puerto Rico, who now lives in the Bronx, is going through the process of joining the Onyx leather group.

Onyx is an organization for men of color who are into the leather lifestyle.

Manuel came down yesterday to attend the Onyx Mid-Atlantic Code Red fundraiser for HIV/AIDS and invited me.

So I put on a pair of red Papi boxer briefs, black baseball cap and Nikes and nothing else and hit the party at the Green Lantern Club.

Great party. Dancing, a fabulous Drag Queen host who sang her ass off, silent auction, raffle, bake sale, male dancers, a saran wrap and candle wax kinky sex demonstration…oh and jello shots three for $5.

Here are some pics:

My outfit

4 thoughts on “Onyx Code Red Party

  1. Well, dropped in to see how you’ve been doing and as usual the posts didn’t disappoint lol. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I’ve often thought about checking out their chapter in my neck of the woods but didn’t know if I hesitated out of shyness or fear of being disappointed. I’ll have to hit you on the email side for some answers sometime!

  2. so has Manuel joined Onyx in New York yet? I love reading your blog, especially with you and “van” staying together and enjoying sex together

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