The DL Boy in the Neighborhood isn’t Dead Afterall

I stand corrected and embarrassed.

The DL Boy in the Neighborhood, the drug dealer who flirted with my partner “Van” and me, is not dead after all.

The neighbor who told me was mistaken. Another neighbor set me straight a few days later.

But the young man’s condition is still very grave. After the shooting he lost a lot of blood and the doctors put him into an induced coma. The neighbor, a woman whose son is friends with DL Boy, said there may be some brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

So he will have to undergo rehabilitation and will probably never be the same physically, she said..

Something is nagging me to go visit him. The next time I see this neighbor I will find out which hospital he is in.

7 thoughts on “The DL Boy in the Neighborhood isn’t Dead Afterall

  1. Thank you for this update. Thank you for caring, Immanuel. He needs all the well wishes and prayers as possible, because his quality of life hangs in the balance.

  2. Go visit him if it will make you feel better somehow. You had no part in what happened to him and I’m not sure what you can realistically do to help him moving forward. Maybe a familiar face of someone who wasn’t part of the crime/drug dealing part of his life would be a welcome change during his recovery.

  3. Manny, I know this issue has been gnawing at you ever since you learnt of the young man’s predicament. I say,you go and see him at least your heart will be at peace. You know you want to see how he is faring. I know your conscience will not be silenced till you know for yourself how he is getting on.

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