Dude had a Big Ole Butt

So today I got off the commuter train and was leaving Union Station in D.C. on the way to the office and saw this dude with the Ass of Life.

It strained his pants at the seams and was so big it busted out of the back flap of his suit jacket.

I couldn’t help staring. It was fascinating. Hypnotic.

He had to know his ass was phatt. His clothes were too tight. It had to be intentional to dress like that.

When did dudes start doing start wearing tight clothes to show off ass?

I had to take a pic on the sly. Here it is:

15 thoughts on “Dude had a Big Ole Butt

  1. While I like the blog entry, I’m even more glad to see that you’re back. I was going through withdrawal since your last post. Welcome back.

  2. Yes daddy, please write more often. It is not fair to get us hooked on your wordsmithery then deprive us of a regular dosage.

  3. I thought after your last monumental post, your next post, was going to be about the aftershock of it all. However we take what we get.

    This was intentional?
    I mean, I didn’t see it in person, but in the picture he looks a mess, in my opinion. It just looks sloppy. Them pants…just no. I mean, okay…they might be intentional, but not executed well. However that jacket, that wasn’t on purpose. He bought that jacket, before they put in the new Five Guy’s, across from his job. Personally, I hate single splits jackets…and we’ll this just reinforces my stance. I haveven one coat that is single split and I got it, because it’s a bad coat. I wouldn’t be looking good, it my booty was poking through it. Even in double split, I’m always checking to see, if my button is pushing my splits away from the rest of the coat. I’m not trying to body shame, but I am shaming the way he is dressing that baw-dy!

    Now I have been caught up and mesmerized by someone’s ample backside before. I thought about two incidents, where I had to take a picture of someone butt, when I first read this last night. I went through my phone gallery; and realized I did it more than I thought…like 5 times. Unfortunately I didn’t do it last month, when I was at the grocery store. There was this Nigga…whose booty looked like it was fake. It looked like a Kardashian booty. He was wearing dress pants that looked like they were poured on him. He had about a 32/34 inch waist but like a 40 inch booty. I found myself first silently following him around the store; and then waiting in the parking lot, to watch that ass walk to his car. He was wearing a Polo shirt tucked into the most perfectly tailored pants. That’s all I can think of, as to how they didn’t just fall from his butt down his legs; but came in right under his cheeks, perfectly down his legs.

    Man I wish I had thought to take his picture. He could give a class to this dude.

    • I wish you had taken that pic in the grocery store! And yes the guy whose pic I took could have worn better tailored clothes. As far as my coming out process no aftershocks…yet. I’ll let you know though!

  4. Yo I seen a couple asses on some these dudes to make u say wow is that a basketball or a ass. I seen this dude at the car wash who the fattest ass and small waist I ever seen on a man. It was crazy!!!

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