25 thoughts on “(Im) Man (uel) in the Mirror

  1. Immanuel, you sexy, feisty man!! Looking mighty phyne and delicious, good enough to eat with a spoon!!! 😋😋😋

  2. Hadn’t checked the blog out in a minute…and bam, Christmas card waiting. Lol. You’re an inspiration, bro, for me to hit the gym too ’cause, yes, life does not stop after 40. 2017 gonna be a great year for all.

  3. My Mummy died at 52.

    Live yo fukkin’ life man. & from the looks of it, u living it VERY WELL 👑🍆🍌💦💦💦💨


  4. Love the attitude with witch I approach life. I’m 59, sixty in November. One of the things I’ve done is to save, invest my money so I can retire earlier to the tune of close 640,000 Drs. if I were to cash out of the market now. It’s a great place to be as I can afford to do the things I like such a traveling, so far this past year I’ve been to Jamaica, LA 3 times, Miami, Ft Lauderdale twice, London, And in late January to Madrid, Barcelona, and back to Miami before back home to Boston.
    Start investing early. save as much as U can now, keep your debt really low, pay off those credit cards ASAP. .. now I can pay for my trips in cashIcash even have a house acct. to cover any emergencies needed that may arise. Get a good investment adviser if U don’t have one, great time to get into the market, but stay away from stocks, Fidelity has great funds.One of my best friends is a VP for a major international bank, who specialized at one time in investment banking, and is also my advisor so he helps a lot in monitoring my funds.
    Anyway Immanuel, excuse my epistle, but it feels good to be secure financially.
    love reading your travails.

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