I’m the Side Chick (Dude)

Photo courtesy of onsizzle.com.

Photo courtesy of onsizzle.com.

He is about five years older than me but works out in the gym three or four days a week so the body is tight.

His dick is so thick and big I swear it hangs down halfway to his knee. But he doesn’t visit me to take care of his dick. It’s his ass that needs attention.

You see,Β  I’m the Side Chick (Dude) to a man who has been in a relationship with another man for 20 years.

He is the top in that relationship and there is no way his man is going to change from being a bottom after taking that humongous, pretty dick for two decades. And after being together for so long there is no way they are going to break up. They really do care for each other.

So he comes to me to get that sex itch scratched.

He says he loves taking my dick and my tall dark body. How I take control and pound him into the mattress.

He may visit me for an hour every few weeks. But during that time he plays out all the fantasies he cannot do at home. And like a good Side Chick (Dude) I play along.

For instance, he likes for me to leave the door unlocked. He will enter and take off his clothes, stripping down to sexy mesh briefs. And then we will play a game of hide-and-seek, trying to find out where I am in my rowhouse. When he finds me the prize is a good fucking.

Or he bring over a bottle of champagne and sips it with me as we take breaks from fucking. I guess he is a romantic and wants that dating experience.

I’m not much of a drinker and would never buy a bottle of champagne. And the hide-and-seek fantasy games are kinda corny and the skimpy underwear don’t do too much for me — but his ass is tight as hell and that body is sexy so it’s all good. I play along like a good Side Chick (Dude).

I have threesomed with him and my partner “Van” but outside of that he wants to keep our arrangement private. Plus his dude is very jealous and might flick off if he found out.

The man I'm the side dude for has a great body, big dick and a tight ass.

The man I’m the side dude for has a great body, big dick and a tight ass.

Last summer I was at the Bachelor’s Mill Club in Washington, D.C. and ran into him and his partner. I pretended that I didn’t know him — you know, like a good Side Chick (Dude).

As I sat talking with my friends who were playing Spades I noticed him looking over at me from the bar. Every so often we would lock eyes and stare. His partner was oblivious, busy chatting with folks he knew.

My phone buzzed. It was text message from him.

“God, you look so sexy outside of the bedroom. I really like the way you walk and interact with your friends.”

“Thanks handsome,” I text back.

Why do I do this? If I was single I don’t think I would date this person — conversations with him are pretty dull. But that hour or so with me every few weeks seems to give him so much pleasure. I’m a hoe with a heart of gold and like to see people happy.

And frankly I get an ego boost from being desired so much.

So I stay the good Side Chick (Dude).




26 thoughts on “I’m the Side Chick (Dude)

  1. Immanuel,

    You know that I am hooked on your blogs about your life experiences. I could only wish I had something like this to happen to me. Until that happens, I’ll keep living through your eyes/blogs.


  2. I have read many of your stories and by the way you tell them you are always the top. But in one of your entries you say fuck the bottom/top/whatever labels. For me I say if your gay/bisexual/ like fucking with dudes you must like dick in some type of way. When are we going to get a story of you getting fucked or at least sucking the dudes dick.? From what it seems like you’re trying to write a romance novel about random hookups which may or may not be true… in any case if you’re trying to get to get a response from these men they might like to hear you be submissive. I know at least for me anyway, a man is 100X more desirable if he is vers, or atleast willing to be. Like you said fuck the labels, your stories are fun to read either way I just thought id give my two cents. Nothing but love

    • I am totally turned on by man on man action . I would also like to read about you giving a blow job and your favorite foreplay action. You have opened up my world to the best sex videos and pics I have ever seen. Still waiting on some more anonymous sex videos of you . Happy Holidays ..

      • Uhhhmmmm, LINKS PLEASE!
        I don’t recall this! I do remember you saying that taking dick is not yo preferred cup a tea.

        Spill! 😊😊😁

      • LOL okay when I find time I’ll search this blog and get receipts. However, I was verse with my partner Morgan and you can search for mentions of me bottoming in those posts!

  3. Hey Mr. Anonymous,

    That is a very open comment on Immanuel’s stories. I can sharpen the focus of your comment by adding that I totally believe that Immanuel’s stories are true. He has been one of my friends for almost 18 years. During that time, I have never known him to make up false stories in order to get attention. I have total trust in him.


  4. Chiiiiiiilllllleeeeee- I’m THROWING my proverbial soap, judgemental-ass box out the window, door, down the escalator & now the trash man has it in the back of his truck.

    If you, he & “Van” like it, I LOVES it❗❗

  5. I hate when dudes play tricks. I’m verse all the way but as soon as you give the dick to another verse now they want to be bottoms. And will look at you sideways if you suggest you want some dick.

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