Fuck me in front of my girlfriend

So this black guy hits me up online saying he wants to get fucked. But with a twist.

“I want you to fuck me with my girlfriend there.”

“Oh you want me to fuck her too?”

“No she just wants to watch and play with her pussy.”

It takes all types to make the world go round.

I call him. He sounds very masculine and professional. 

He then texts me a pic  of them. He is a dark-skinned chocolate brother obviously older than her, a slender brunette  who looks Italian.

He then shows me a pic of his ass. Not bad.

I have to admit I’m tempted.

24 thoughts on “Fuck me in front of my girlfriend

  1. So assuming that you DO go play with them, will you be going with the intention of laying some serious pipe and fucking him stoopid in front of his girl, or will you be sexing him up, making him pant like a bitch in heat in front of his girl?

    I’ve never done a bisexual 3 way. Years ago I played the role of the sexual play toy in the middle of gay couples with me taking it at both ends. I encouraged them both to be rough and really use me and I allowed no affection to be expressed towards me. I’m curious as to your approach.

    • I dont know how this will play out. Here is his text to me:

      “I wanna lick your balls while you are talking to me looking into your eyes while u rub that Dick over my lips…

      Oh, she is cool she will be just sitting there watching and when we get turned on she will start talking shit to me….”

      • Yeah, I think he wants you to make him your bitch. He’ll bathe your nuts, such your dick, rim your ass and lick your pits. I’ll bet if you volunteer to work out beforehand and work up a sweat, he’ll jump at the opportunity to enjoy the scent and taste of you.

        And once you start playing with his hole, it won’t be long before your dick is slamming away at his back door. Order him to cum while you’re fucking him and watch him beat his meat furiously. Then shoot your load on his face.

        If you enjoy playing with him, invite him (only – not his girl) to your next sex party. I’ll bet money he RSVP’s yes immediately. He’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

  2. Oh yes, I am tempted too. To be a fly on the wall in that bedroom. Immanuel you are a lucky man to have someone find you in this wide world and make that kind of offer. Just remember that TRUVADA pill. It saves lives.
    P.S. Eat that ass out so well he opts to ‘change teams.’

  3. Sounds good to me. Nice pic….. women has always been just as freaky as men. More coming out with it more now. Lol. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Yeah daddy, Fuck the dude six ways from Sunday and record the episode on video 📹!! I am dying to know how it goes!!!

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