The Man who liked to get fisted…and his Wife

The Man who liked to get fisted showed up at one of the very first sex parties my partner “Van” and I held.

He was a snack food marketing professional from Chicago who was in Washington, D.C. on business. The Man had a hectic week and wanted to blow off steam by romping around my house naked with 40-odd other men.

He knocked on the door and I answered. Ummm. Handsome. And well muscled because he worked out almost every day.

And a freak.

He soon hooked up with “Rodney,” a 29-year-old , tall chocolate brother with a beautiful gap-toothed smile. Van and I call “Rodney” our gay nephew because he likes to come over and just hang out with us and talk about life.

The Man bent over and asked Rodney to lube up his big right hand and push it up his ass. Rodney just grinned and did what he was asked. And The Man was soon jacking off and cumming with Rodney’s hand far up his lower intestines.


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The experience was so good that The Man got Rodney’s number and they communicated regularly.

“You should come out to Chicago, Rodney,” he said. “Sometimes I get six or seven guys to run a train on me and fuck this muscled ass all night.”

“I can buy your airfare and put you up in a hotel and come over and you can fuck me all weekend.”

Well one day Rodney texted The Man an innocent “Good Morning” and got a surprise when The Man’s wife texted him back. He didn’t even know The Man was married.

“Who are you?” she asked.

Before he knew it she had called him and they were deep in conversation. She just rambled on and on like she had to get shit off her chest.

“My husband is getting all these calls and texts from men. What the hell is going on? They keep texting him, ‘Do you want to get up?'”

“What does that mean? Does it mean they want to hang out or is my husband gay?”

“And one time he was taking a shower and bent over to dry his feet and I noticed his asshole was all puckered out and swollen — it was disgusting. I asked him what had happened but he said he got a hernia from weightlifting at the gym.”


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Rodney has a baby face and although he is pushing 30 still looks like a teenager. But he can lie like an old pro.

“Oh, I don’t know anything about your husband being gay. I just graduated from Morgan State with a degree in marketing and he was my mentor. I call him from time to time to get career advice.”

She seemed to be satisfied with that answer and after awhile said goodbye.

But the next day The Man called Rodney mad as a hornet.

“How the fuck dare you out me to my wife? You faggots can’t keep your mouths shut.”

He went on and on, not letting Rodney get in a word. But finally Rodney managed to do so.

“Look man, you can just shut the fuck up with that bullshit. I didn’t tell your wife shit. I think she figured it out. She said she noticed all these calls and texts coming in.”

And Rodney quickly off the phone. But a few weeks later he remembered how good that muscle ass was and texted The Man back.

The cellphone number was disconnected.



11 thoughts on “The Man who liked to get fisted…and his Wife

    • Y’all are on point AF. As usual.

      The young teenage Kevin from ‘Moonlight’ is SO tired. I am SO naïve to think that the DL died with JL King’s era.

      -hiss teeth- Same shit, different day. And we about to be in 2O17 -SMH-

  1. his desire will show up in some other way…he might get some dildoes to simulate the feeling…trust me his ass is missing the fist

      • It’s actually called pegging, and it takes a special type of women, to be into that…and based off a retelling of that phone conversation, I doubt that his wife, is the type.
        I actually think that it is sexy though.

        I think he was a fool. He never mentioned he was married, to any of those men, but gave them his personal cell phone number. Then had the nerve to probably act suspicious and come home to a wife with a booty hole, that looked like raw ground meat.

        I think he’s an idiot, who never thinks things through or the long game. He didn’t think about what that ass would look like to a spouse, after a weekend of 7 men running a train on him…and doesn’t think of what would those anal walls would be like, down the road, after years of fisting.

  2. “You faggots can’t keep your mouths shut.”

    No ‘The Man’: YOU can’t keep your ass closed.
    To a good, solid fist and dick. #messyassDLNegro


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