We gonna be alright…


Trump protest on 5th Avenue in New York City. Photo courtesy of Voice of America.

Yeah, Trump’s victory depressed me for a day or two.

But I’m over that shit now. Life goes on and I’m going to live it. We are gonna be alright.

Besides, this is just history repeating itself.

Whenever Blacks and other oppressed groups make progress there is a backlash from white people who feel threatened.

The same thing happened after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Blacks were making progress too quickly so white folks had to introduce segregation to put us back in our place.

After the Civil Rights victories of the 1960s whites again had to put us back in our “place.” So for years blacks have been oppressed by the prison-industrial complex, the War on Drugs and on and on.

Then the nation elected a mixed race president with a Black wife and children not once but twice. And was about to bring a woman into power. And had given gay people more rights than they ever had before.

There was no way insecure white males were going to have that. Even their women sided with them.

So America’s history has always been two steps forward and one and half steps back. And two steps forward, and one and half steps back. Like a sick kind of waltz.

So now we have Trump. A man who has filed bankruptcy again and again. Who refuses to show his tax returns. Who has been married three times (why was the moral majority silent on this?). Who ran a campaign based on hate and was endorsed by the KKK. Who has never held elective office before. Who has a homophobic vice president who despite all scientific evidence to the contrary believes you can use psychological therapy to make gay folks straight.

Do you think such an unqualified Black, or Hispanic or female would have gotten elected. This is white male privilege writ large.

But don’t worry. We will get through this.

When he comes for our health care coverage, a woman’s right to control her body and health, your same-sex marriage rights, brings back stop and frisk to harass African Americans, and on and on you are going to see people rise up.

There are already protests popping up around the nation.

Too bad folks didn’t rise up, swallow their dislike or indifference for Hillary Clinton, and go to the polls and vote for the best candidate. It might have avoided all the mess that is to come.

But better late than never.

16 thoughts on “We gonna be alright…

  1. Whitelash.

    As usual, good sir, I am NOT jaded by your words, so THANK YOU for capturing my EXACT thoughts, writ LARGE on your blog.

    Kendrick Lamar done wrote ALL about this, like a SICK, TWISTED premonition on the critically acclaimed “How To Pimp A Butterfly”. We. Gonna. Be. Alrite.

    I was in Jamaica when ole fuck faces 1 & 2 became the victors. I SERIOUSLY reconsidered returning to the States. I was part of the reason Canada’s immigration site kept crashing until it finally gave out -grins-

    But I’m back, by popular demand. I’m not running. If it is a fight that THEY want, Calvin went to Jamaica to get his groove back, Taye Diggs and all 😉

    Don’t fuck with me or my own.

    Signed, #theresistance #WeShallOvercome #PRESSon #SailOn #FIGHT

  2. You right, we will be alright but as Hillary said, This loss HURTS. You would think that for a country who prides itself on being the top leading force in the world that it would countinue its “progressive” view in making world History in electing the first female president. This would have been seen as a Great big fat “FUCK YOU” to all the so call male dictatorships/chauvinists in the rest of the world. And I dont know what shocked me more, the fact that Trump is President or rhe fact that over 50% of white woman basically said that no woman should be in such a powerful position reguardless of her ethnicity. Smh

  3. All I can say is stay on your game whatever that may be. Live and enjoy life
    Dont let the machine make you feel less than the person God created youbto be.
    Stand strong be firm in your convictions.

  4. I think some of the reaction is also generation based. You and I are both the same age and I was born in the Deep South. We lived through the same previous presidents, birth of Civil Rights Act, Bakke decision, etc. so I see a lot of millennial brothers angry and freaking out, whereas my reaction was, meh, same shit, different toilet. Trump and Pence notwithstanding, do they do realize it’s 2016 and globalization is in full effect? Be white nationalist all you want, Tea Party people, most people on the Earth are either Indian or Chinese, followed by all us other brown and black folk. That being said, I fucking hated Hillary and there was no way that phony, corporatist, “super predator” bitch was ever getting my vote. Like Killer Mike, I voted Jill Stein.

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