How to Get Banned from a Sex Party

It’s hard to get banned from a sex party but Emmett managed.

“Emmett” prides himself on being one of the most down-low gay black men in Baltimore.

He never lets a hook-up come to his house because he doesn’t want the neighbors to suspect his sexuality. 

And once he had two birthday parties on two consecutive nights — one with his church members and the next night with his gay buddies — to keep his straight lifestyle from intersecting with his gay one.

But although you will never catch him in a gay bar or the Pride Parade there is one thing Emmett does with frequency — sex parties. Every weekend you will find him haunting one in D.C. or Baltimore.

However, he called me a few weeks ago to say he had gotten banned from a popular one that a man from Africa runs once or twice weekly in Baltimore or the Maryland suburbs of D.C.

“I don’t know why it happened but I’m cool with it — I’m not going to worry about it,” an oblivious Emmett said.

I didn’t feel like hurting his feelings so I didn’t speak up. But I know why he was asked not to come to the African’s sex party. 

Remember, my partner and I have sex parties too and Emmett always come and we know how he swings. And we know people complain about him.

I have tried to advise him to change this irritating habits but he won’t listen. So readers, I will offer this advice to you so you never get banned from a sex party like Emmett:

— Don’t touch or initiate sexual contact with a person unless they invite you with a word, gesture or look. Emmett is known for being pushy.

— Pay attention to the sexual needs of your partner. Emmett is selfish. It’s all about him getting a nutt. His partner is just a tool.

— When two people are having sex with each other don’t try to butt in unless they invite you by word or gesture to join. Emmett is known for jumping in between people.

— Improve your sexual skills. Emmett’s sex game is so lame folks ask him to kick rocks! In fact, he is really into giving massages which is not what most people at sex parties are looking to do. That’s why I have advised Emmett to at least get a boyfriend to be affectionate with although getting a boyfriend is hard for a man who will not invite someone to his home because he is afraid of what some stupid neighbor thinks.

— Be genuine with folks and part of the community. Most people know Emmett is DL and just wants to come to sex parties to get his rocks off and leave. If he sees you in public the next day he likely wont’ even acknowledge you unless you are masculine enough to “pass.” Who wants to invest time in a person like that?



14 thoughts on “How to Get Banned from a Sex Party

  1. There is a disorder at play here. & yes, I am judging.

    Minus how FUCKED UP this world has made the Black queer man, homeboy got some socialization issues.
    How do you get banned from a sex party, one of THE MOST DISCREET events ever? My advances are spurned ALL the time at sex parties, but by the time I get to busting another nutt, I COMPLETELY forget about those “mishaps”.
    THAT’S how much πŸ†πŸŒ& πŸ‘ there are to go around at these events. What one πŸ‘&πŸ†won’t do, another freak will.

    There’s no need for all that extra pushy behavior.

    & as for him not even fucking in his own home? Clearly there are trust issues here, topped with the need to tell people who don’t help him pay dem bills, rent nor mortgage to go fuck themselves.

    Men. -SMDH-

  2. Nice post Immanuel. “Emmett” is an inconsiderate soul. He’s is totally there at the sex party for self-gratification. No one should invest any feeling for him when he is out on ‘the prowl” He does not give a shit – about anybody else’s pleasure. Not even making his hook-ups happy. Unless you are LOOKING to get USED, stay away from ‘Emmett”

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