Haulover Hustler

The Haulover Hustler

My partner “Van” and I are living back and forth between Florida. Yesterday we were down and decided to hit the famous Haulover nude beach with friends.

The weather was perfect, the water warm, and camaraderie with other bathers amazing.

But one person stood out…a dark skinned, thick brother with a thick uncut dick. 

What made him stand out in a sea of naked folks? He was wearing black dress socks as he strode across the sand.

“That’s odd,” I said to Van. “Wassup with that? It is kinda kinky.”

Later when Van was in the water black socks walked up to me.

“How you doing?”

“I’m fine,” I answered. “How you?”

“Oh I’m just out advertising,” he said, turning to the side and glancing down at his dick as if he wanted me to appreciate it in profile.

I’m really dense. It took a moment.

“Advertising? What kind of job do you have?”

Then it hit me. He was selling sex on the beach. Not the mixed drink. The real thing.

“Nah man I’m not looking for that.”

But we kept talking and I learned he had mostly older white male customers who would slip him $40 and disappear with him to a private space he carved out of the brush near the beach so he could “blow their backs out” with his “10 inches of black dick.”

In fact some of his clients would call him ahead of time to set up trysts.

For some reason the whole thing didn’t sound sexy to me.

Later I got in the water and he approached Van.

Van must look more well-to-do than I because he tried to charge him $50 instead of $40.

13 thoughts on “Haulover Hustler

  1. That was some funny post bro – Black socks !!! – only way he can stand out for his tricks -dude is very creative – LOL.

  2. I imagine he’s got some nasty, nasty feet hiding in those socks. Foot fungus and toe jam and all kinda other problems. I kinda have a thing for feet, so my first thought is “Sir, just keep steppin’. Not interested! “

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