Florida Swinging: The Watcher

“Jaleel” was out running errands, getting ready for a family reunion,  when he hit up “Van” and me on Jack’d.

“I would  really like to watch you two fuck,” he said. “I’m kinda shy and that really turns me on. What hotel are you staying at?”

I told him the hotel name and room number. Before I could even check with Van about whether he wanted to play with a third Jaleel was knocking at our hotel door.

“Hey I never confirmed we were going to play,” I said, surprised.

“Well, I was in the area.”

Van and I were not going to throw him out. He was a beautiful chocolate, like a a Hershey’s bar, with a thick black beard. A little on the thick side and definitely handsome. Just 31 years old.

Jaleel still had to run to the store to get ice, sodas, charcoal and citron candles to keep away Zika-carrying mosquitoes. So we decided to play later in the day and he left.

But 15 minutes later there was another knock on the hotel door. Jaleel had come back. “My uncle called and they need some more stuff so I have more time to hang out.”

“Cool, let’s do this then.”


I started by eating out Van’s ass while Jaleel watched, stroking his thick dick until it got hard. Then he lay in the bed beside us while I fucked Van missionary style. His ass was so tight as usual it didn’t take me long to cum — I lifted his legs, thrust a few more strokes, and busted a good nutt.

Jaleel had warmed up a bit and was licking Van’s left nipple while I fucked him.

After I nutted, Van busted his nutt. And then we lay on each side of Jaleel, licking his nipples while he lay back and jacked and busted a nutt. It took him a long time to cum.

“You must be jacking off too much,” I joked. “It’s taking you a long time  to cum.”

“Yeah, you are right,” he said smiling. And soon he was shooting a thick creamy nutt on his belly.

Afterward I asked him why he was so shy. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale and always knew he was into men but had to keep it a secret because his family and friends likely would not accept it.

“Women just don’t turn me on,” he said. “I like masculine men.”

He had first had sex with family friend when he was just 21 years old. The family friend was more than 10 years older and Jaleel had always had a crush on him. Jalee remembered his dick was so big it took three sessions before it would fit in his virgin ass.

Jaleel didn’t have much time to talk. His family kept texting. The family reunion was going to start soon. Where was the charcoal? We have to light the grill.

So Jaleel said his goodbyes and left,  back to his down-low world.




12 thoughts on “Florida Swinging: The Watcher

  1. Sad thing is there is a lot of brothers who are fine as hell, in that same predicament. They are trapped inside their own minds, or feel the need to please everyone else when they aren’t happy themselves. I was one. I just talked to a brother a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard from in a while who is a firecracker in the bedroom he’s a married professional and he’s aways gotta creep around very carefully, in his mind, he was like you remember me? Yea I thought our tap sessions were hot!! But when he comes(cums) it’s quick and bruh is out.

    • Hey Jay! Yep this dude is 31. How long is he going to get away with not having a baby mama? He was cool but if we hook up with him again we are going to have to teach him some tricks.

      • Yessir, time will tell, my nephew who is 15 just came out,and I mean flaming hot!!! my sister is freaking out. The younger generation have balls we didn’t have til later. It seems once you turn idk 25-+ you maybe get stuck in this crossroad. I think he’ll loosen up more around you too eventually.

      • You have a nice point here about keeping up appearances, especially after a certain age.
        That DL πŸ’© requires so much work, if you are not cautious, you get trapped in your own body, held prisoner by this wretched world πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ˜ž
        I am not fully out to the part of my Jamaican family that really matters, but my Mom knew before she died, & my eldest Sister knows. I came out to th. 3 years back.
        If any else inquires, I’ll all rainbows and sparkle AF with my response to them.

        I’ll be 3O next year, after all **2 snaps and a death drop**

        But HahπŸ’Ÿ is right: do you know how many men are among us, willing to fuck, be in a relationship, get love and give good MSM love but are trapped in the closet, Mr. Biggs and r. Kelly style?
        And we miss the chance of connecting because of circumstances…-SMH-

        Dear God, this world is fucked up! 😩

      • Immanuel, if he is 30- ish, with a baby in this world, no wedding ring, he would just be another brotha with a baby mama, one of many, many black men in that situation: baby, but no wife, yeeesh. Black people are often the least partnered group in America. Most likely to be a baby mama, or baby daddy, no wedding ring. Yeeesh. If you see him again, tell him today is a new era. Focus on staying HIV-, working, saving money for retirement, aspire to more than ‘just a hook-up,’ respect himself, respect his body. After age 30, one is grown and once one makes one’s bed, you’ve got to lie in it. Tell him to read your blogs and learn something from your previous life with the mother of your children. If he can avoid having to ‘keep up with appearances, and simply love and accept himself, he will spare himself at lot of drama and disappointment that comes with merely’ needing to ‘keep up appearances.’

  2. “Jaleel” got a ‘free show’, was ‘a fly on the wall’ and got to ‘nut’. Nice deal. Tell us more about the men in the South, and ‘the scene.’ Tell us: “do bottoms run the south?’

      • Oh yeah, that’s right. And it because they’ve got that good, tight pussy. Makes you go ‘OHHHHH WHEEEEEEEE! DAMNNNN BABY! (Talk about unfair?, competitive advantage.)

      • You make a good point here. Seems like any adult on the receiving end of pipe laying is a force to be reckoned with.
        The receivers just have to realise their worth, rise up & use it to their advantage.
        BeyoncΓ©’s ‘Girls Run The World’, anyone? πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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