Florida Swinging: A Stripper Named Moe

Moe the dancer. Sorry the photo is so bad but the club was dark.

Friday night my partner “Van” and I hung out at the Boardwalk, a stripper club we always try to hit when we come to Fort Lauderdale.

A Dominican dancer we recognized from one of our earlier visits was at the door.

“Hey, how have you guys been?”

The Dominican turned to the guy at the front desk. “Hey, these are my friends. Give them a discount on the entry.”

“Hey, thanks a lot man,” I said, glad for his unexpected generosity.

So Van and I sat down and looked at all the eye candy around.

The Boardwalk can sometimes be a depressing place, filled with elderly, overweight white men tipping dancers to get a little bit of time and affection. Most of the dancers appear to be from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rican and other Caribbean nations.

But Friday night the crowd was younger and more vibrant. And the dancers were definitely good looking.

After a while a dancer named Moe walked over and gave Van and me some time.

Moe was dark-skinned brother with a phat booty in Speedos. He sat on my lap first and grinded and offered me his big, dark nipples so I could lick and suck them while the intoxicating scent of his cologne filled my nose. Then he sat on Van’s lap and played with him.

He definitely made it rain. Soon his briefs were filled with our dollar bills.

Moe leaned over and whispered.

“Go in the back room with me. The rate starts at $20 and you can give me anything else you want above that. I will do anything you want me to do.”

It was a nice try but unless both Van and I could go back and play with him together it wasn’t happening.

“I’m sorry, you can only go one at a time,” he said.

So we chatted awhile. Moe said he was 32 years old and ran a digital imaging company. But money was tight while he was launching his business so he decided to take up dancing. He was at the Boardwalk seven days a week, earning up to $300 a night in tips.

Van noticed his dick never got hard when he played with us.

“Are you gay or just gay for pay,” I had to ask.

“Naw, actually I’m bisexual,” he answered smiling. “I play with men and women.”

The Dominican dancer who met us at the door walked by. I noticed he had gained weight and looked more tired and jaded then had two years ago when Van and I first met him.

“Yeah, it happens,” Moe said. “This is easy money and there are guys who like to drink and get high and they get used to the money and never leave. I’m not going to end up like that. I’m focused on my business.”

And then he got up, claiming he had to take a break. He promised to come back but I knew he was eager to find the next men who would keep tipping him and perhaps go in the dark room in the back and pay him even more for his services.



13 thoughts on “Florida Swinging: A Stripper Named Moe

  1. *We definitely made it rain πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΎ

    Sounds fun, & his rate is CHEAPO! In NYC, at certain spots, the rates are much more than that.
    Signed, #balleronabudget πŸ˜‚

  2. Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Caribbeans huh, sound like fun to me! So this venue has specific nights for the young and lively crowd? Also How would yall rate swinging richards against this club?

    • Swinging Richard’s is classier but I heard it closed. At Boardwalk you can do more with the dancers. I don’t know what day is busier. I’m not in Florida frequently enough to know.

  3. I wish they had a male strip club in Philly. I plan on going to Baltimore for my birthday. Are there any male strip clubs in the Baltimore area??

    • Club Bunns has a stripper night I think the third Wednesday each month. The Eagle has male dancers on weekends but they just dance…don’t expect anything particularly salacious.

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