Florida Bound

My partner “Van” is buying a condo near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So we are in Florida now settling some affairs.

If you’ve read my blog awhile you know I have fallen in love with South Florida. And Van planned to retire here even before he met me.

So the plan is we will split time between here and Baltimore. Since I can telecommute I may be able to work here a few weeks at a time.

And if I find a decent job here who knows?

So here we go!

9 thoughts on “Florida Bound

  1. What type of work do you do? Can’t send a job reference your way if we don’t know what line of business you’ve got experience doing.

  2. Awesome move you two! Lived there for 3 years after graduating college, had a BLAST!
    Was on SoBe the next day after I moved #debauchery 😁😊☺
    Still have plenty family and friends there (once you are a Yaadie, you can’t avoid this πŸ˜žπŸ˜’) #muchtomychagrin


  3. Sorry I’m just now seeing your posts, congrats to you and ‘Van’!
    I live about an 45 minutes north of ft Lauderdale, and I come down there to party quite often. Ft Lauderdale is really nice, and more progressive compared to where I live. If I wasn’t taking care of my elderly father, I would move down there.
    Anywhoo, best wishes to you guys.

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