Baltimore Pride Weekend: The Leather Party Spanking

It’s Baltimore Pride weekend and despite the high temperatures “Van” and I are hanging out with friends and determined to have fun.

Last night an acquaintance persuaded us to go to the “Lust” leather party at the Grand Central gay bar on Charles Street, where the Pride Parade will take place later today.

The party was hosted by the Command leather enthusiast group.

I’m not into the leather scene but it was a great group of friendly folks. The highlight was when we went in the backroom and watched a sexy black Daddy administer a spanking to a very willing white submissive.

I’m not into pain but have to admit the scene was very erotic. Here’s the pics:

10 thoughts on “Baltimore Pride Weekend: The Leather Party Spanking

  1. See Immanuel. You CAN watch and NOT participate. Your Maturity warms my heart. Thanks for sharing.
    (P.S. Do you understand the ‘psychology’ of the Leather community? )

      • Yes, it is about letting go of control and giving it up to someone else.
        Some times, for some, the ‘thrill’ is in that. Giving up control. It’s the chains and whips and hitting that I don’t understand as being erotic.
        And what’s with the outfits – looking like Hitler’s Third Reich. Scary. Or is that the biker – Hells Angel look. Which I think is a notch or two above the RuPaul look.

      • I read the costume came from a desire for gay men to look more macho so they adopted the biker look of the 50s and 60s. What we see today is a legacy of that.

  2. Not gonna lie, trying the leather scene had run through my mind a few times being more open. Don’t care for the S&M aspect, but the rest seems cool. I was worried about “the optics” among coworkers, then my very already very out coworker was talking out how he enjoyed some leather convention one weekend. Ha!

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