Baltimore Pride Weekend: The Hustler

Young Hustlers, Selma Avenue, Hollywood, 1971.

Young Hustlers, Selma Avenue, Hollywood, 1971. Photo by Anthony Friedkin.Times have  not changed — there are streets in Baltimore where male hustlers still go.

Last night I took a break from the Baltimore Pride crowd at the Drinkery  bar to go outside and indulge one of my guilty pleasures — a single cigarette on Friday night.

And there I met him. The hustler.

He bummed a cigarette off a friend of mine and we started chit-chatting. And out of the blue he said, “I got a big dick. Do you want to play.”

He pulled his shorts down lower, showing off his neon green Papi underwear, and used his hands to stretch his khaki shorts so I could clearly see his dick print. Yep, his dick was a respectable size.

I was taken aback a moment when he blurted that out. And then it dawned on me. This tall, lean, brown skinned man in front of me was a hustler.

It was clear he was on drugs. He was so fidgety and probably needed money for a fix. But I had to get his story.

“Paul” said his life was ruined when his stepsister falsely accused him of raping her. He was put on a sex offender list when he was 17 and had difficulty finding work. He was already the father of a child.

So he dealt drugs, served some jail time, got out of prison and was even shot (he pulled off his shirt to show the long scar that ran down the middle of  his six-pack abs to prove it).

Now he was an electrician making $18 an hour but after the state took out child support he had very little to live on. So he hung out at gay bars to earn extra cash.

“That will be $40 if we play a little bit,” he said. “It is more if you want to do more.”

“Hey Paul, look I get sex free I’m really not interested in paying for it.”

“Okay man, that’s cool. That’s cool.”

Paul, who is now 28 years old and the father of two, admitted he has been selling his body for a decade, even while he was dating girls and fathering children.

So did that mean he really likes having sex with men? I noticed him staring at my dick bulge. So I had to ask.

“So is what you do fun? Do you enjoy it when you have sex with men?”

He got agitated, waving his arms about and pacing back and forth. And he almost shouted back.

“No it’s not fun! No it’s not fun! No it’s not!”

But I had to wonder. He was protesting too much.





Baltimore Pride Weekend: The Leather Party Spanking

It’s Baltimore Pride weekend and despite the high temperatures “Van” and I are hanging out with friends and determined to have fun.

Last night an acquaintance persuaded us to go to the “Lust” leather party at the Grand Central gay bar on Charles Street, where the Pride Parade will take place later today.

The party was hosted by the Command leather enthusiast group.

I’m not into the leather scene but it was a great group of friendly folks. The highlight was when we went in the backroom and watched a sexy black Daddy administer a spanking to a very willing white submissive.

I’m not into pain but have to admit the scene was very erotic. Here’s the pics:

Sex, Racism and White Guilt at the End of a Bad Week

It's sad some gay white men play out their anxiety over race through sex instead of actively working to improve race relations.

It’s sad some gay white men play out their anxiety over race through sex instead of actively working to improve race relations.

Two more unarmed, innocent Black men killed by police in the past week. How many times has this scenario played out? Want to bet the cops will get off?

And now a lone Black gunman  kills five police in Dallas, which will help no one and only inflame this shitty situation.

And that racist Trump is still the Republican contender for president.  And all all the racists are coming out of the woodwork on social media and online message boards, blaming President Obama for a present state of affairs in America that white folks created over  400 years.

And just when the week couldn’t get worse I get this from ericcatonsville on Adam4Adam which represents how twisted this nation is, racially and sexually. He wrote:

hello sir… white pussy boy in Catonsville… after seeing the way my people have treated black men, cops killing them left and right… I just want to serve and be fucking completely owned by a black man… I want to pay for the sins of my pussy race…

His pickup line, which he probably thinks is so sexy, demonstrates what I have long thought. Many white people know how fucked up this nation is but instead of confronting it they bury it in their psyches. And some exercise their demons through sex and role play.

It’s sick. To him all I am is an object to help him feel better because he feels guilty.

Instead of me fucking his brains out with my stereotypical big Mandingo dick I would prefer if Eric in Catonsville, Maryland, who is just 24 years old, write his local lawmakers in support of a fairer criminal justice system and better policing, get involved in organizations such as Black Lives Matter that are trying to make a difference, or just correct his white family members and friends when they say something racist that is wrong.

I think that will do more to wipe away his sins than my Black dick…