Materialistic Bitch

materialisticMy partner “Van” and I did our usual vacation in Fort Lauderdale this spring. Just a few days of Florida sun and fun.

And during the trip we got to hang out with a group of acquaintances, including “Quinton,” a friend of Van’s who had moved to South Florida from San Francisco.

What a bore Quinton was. No matter where we were — eating at Rosie’s Bar and Grill, listening to karaoke at PJ’s Corner Pocket, or dancing to disco at Hunters — Quinton had to steer the conversation back to himself.

“My family is very wealthy you know.”

“I come from a very distinguished family in Trinidad, you know.”

“Did you know my grandfather was from China? We are of mixed race you know.”

“Florida is really nice but I really prefer San Francisco. It’s too hot here for me. I can’t wait to go back.”

And on and on.

I have learned in this life that gay men who have to brag about what they have are insecure. And usually when you start to question them you find they are crazy and suffering from an identity crisis, too.

All it took was a little gossip and I got all the tea.

It seems Quinton was involved with a married, white architect in San Francisco. The man left his wife and he and Quinton bought a home together.

But Quinton didn’t put his name on the mortgage so when his lover started stepping out on him and not coming home until the next morning and Quinton confronted him guess who got kicked out. Yep, Quinton.

If Quinton and his lover were so tight and Quinton was doing so well why wasn’t he on the mortgage, I wondered? That didn’t make sense.

Then Quinton’s aunt in Florida started dating a guy in another state and left her house empty and invited Quinton to come house sit. So he didn’t even own or rent his house in Lauderdale.

Later a friend clued me in. Quinton was one of those gay men who purposely goes out after men he thinks have money. Potential Sugar Daddies, I guess.

What a turnoff.



10 thoughts on “Materialistic Bitch

    • Jerry I hate people like that too…gay or straight, purple or blue.

      The thing that really made me angry is that he told a mutual friend that Van and I wanted to fuck him. The thought was not on our minds at all. In fact, when he started drinking he was the one bringing it up, although he is purportedly a top.

      I am of a mind to call him up and talk to him about that comment.

  1. That shit’s sad enough when you’re young and acting like that. To be grown and perpetrating ain’t cute. The former military in me makes cut out messy and drama-dependent dudes from Day One. When you’ve arrived at our age and station in life, people like that are just like some damned toilet people stuck on your shoe, lol.

  2. I had a layover in DC a few years ago and fucked this older guy. Had good weed and ass. However, he told me how he was royalty back in his home country, had pics of him and various celebs, told me how much better his weed was than mine, how much he valued his shoe collection, etc…The whole time I was simply trying to enjoy the buzz and the after orgasm euphoria. I finally look at him and said “Yo. Shut up.” Lol.

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