The DL Meth Dealer

meth“Corbin” leads a double life that is even more complex than that led by most gay and bisexual men who are married to women.

Every few weeks he tells wifey he has to work out of town. Corbin is half telling the truth. He does have to work. But his work is dealing methamphetamine out of hotel rooms.

“You won’t believe how much money I make,” says Corbin, who is in his mid 40s and has three kids under the age of 10. “My children have everything they need — horseback riding, a nice house, music lessons and baseball leagues.”

I try not to judge men I meet in this lifestyle and I promised Corbin I wouldn’t judge him when I interviewed him for my blog. He was already extremely paranoid — he kept asking me whether I was a detective trying to turn him in.

But you can’t escape the fact that methamphetamine — or “tina” or “chrissy” or  “glass” or “crank” or whatever you want to call it — is destroying the lives of many gay or bisexual men. The drug, which can be a white, yellowish or reddish powder or a waxy or clear rock, creates feelings of intense sexual euphoria.

This leads users to go on marathon sexual binges where they fuck for hours or days, often doing risky sexual behavior and taking on dubious sexual partners they wouldn’t look at twice if sober. It is estimated one out of four gay and bisexual men have tried meth so the likelihood someone you know is addicted is very high.

The website offers nonjudgemental help to people living with a meth addiction. The website offers treatment resources but also advice for people who are addicted to meth to use it more responsibly.

Increasingly men hit up on my partner “Van” and I who want to PNP (party and play), or smoke and inject meth first and then get down to sex. Sometimes it feels like everybody I meet online is doing it.

The drug releases dopamines, or pleasure chemicals in the brain, and is supposed to make sex 12 times more intense. I love sex so that sounds tempting but the downside of this addiction has made me scared to ever try it.

Withdrawal symptoms include paranoia, depression, suicidal thoughts, a feeling that bugs are crawling on your skin, drowsiness or an inability to sleep.

Users  report they have difficulty enjoying sex without meth. And men even in my age group have said the addiction has cost them everything — cars, homes, jobs, family and friends.

Worst yet many medical experts say the drug is fueling higher HIV infection rates, especially among young men.


Corbin doesn’t think about all this. Or maybe he does and just doesn’t give a fuck because he can make tens of thousands in a week while most of us are slaving away just to make our rent or mortgage payment.

Corbin, a handsome, brown-skinned black man, acts as a supplier, transporting the drug from manufacturers to people who sell it on the street. He says this reduces the risk he will be arrested.

He said men from all walks of life use it — doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and Starbucks barristas to name a few.

“Some of the men we supply want me to fuck them too,” said Corbin, who used to play football in high school and still has a fairly athletic body and a thick, big dick. “But I tell them I’m not trade — we are selling them meth.”

And Corbin is probably hooked himself. He uses meth, although he says he has it under control and can balance his life as a family man and husband in the suburbs on one hand and a bisexual man who sells crank on the other.

While he is juggling several cellphones dealing  meth Corbin says he will smoke a little of his supply, call up his many contacts (he has plenty of guys in his cellphone who are ready to give up ass or dick for meth) and spends days in a downtown hotel room freaking.

As far as his wife knows he is just trying to get a project done.

I couldn’t do it. But who am I to judge?

One of the most beautiful men I’ve ever had sex with was a meth addict. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in the bedroom. Read “The Ecstasy and the Agony.”

20 thoughts on “The DL Meth Dealer

    • Yep it’s going to happen. He said another distributor he knows got raided and arrested. He had large sums of cash and drugs in his house. Corbin said his friend was stupid because he was too obvious. Corbin swears when he saves $100,000 he will get out of the drug business and buy a fast food franchise. I don’t know Damontay…I strongly believe what goes around comes around.

  1. He is playing with fire not only that he’s hurting others. I pray that he turns his life around to help people get off of meth. This comes from a former drug addict myself. I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been. Thank God I got off that shit

  2. You are so right about how devastating meth is to the black gay community. I have friends that are highly educated and successful in their careers who have fallen prey to the party and play lifestyle. They say that the feeling of escape that it offers is the main draw but at the end of the day it takes a much larger toll.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for the past few years and i really appreciate your insightful posts on our community.

    • Thanks so much JD. There are so many folks I’m meeting in this lifestyle. It disturbed me. Then I met someone very involved in it from the business side.

  3. Jesus! I’m so glad I’m in a committed relationship that doesn’t involve drug use. I value my marriage even more after reading this story and the one about Perry that you linked to.

  4. Breaking Bad, I see. I don’t even try weed. & I’m Jamaican.

    The thing is, like Pringles used to be, once you pop you just can’t stop. That’s recreational drugs.

    I don’t like being addicted to anything. Not even porn. I give up waaaay to much steering privileges of my own life to ever be fully comfortable with that.
    The $$$ is good now, but karma has to have her way.

    She always does, no questions asked.

    To each his own, but there are so many repercussions to this. Especially where dem children are concerned.

  5. Wow…call me naive, but I wasn’t aware of the prevalence of meth beyond the meth heads we see all too often here in Baltimore. Thanks for the education.

  6. I hate judging people to because I smoke green and drink. But I cannot understand when people do hard drugs and they see what it do to others.

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