After Grief, Sex

My stepfather’s funeral service was beautiful but I have to admit the week was stressful.

All the phone calls, the 450-mile drive to Mom’s house and endless parade of relatives and family friends through the door proved to be exhausting. And deflecting questions about my partner “Van.”

“Who is that? Your brother or a cousin?”

“Oh, he is just a close family friend.”

My mother pulls me over later. “That’s all they need to know. These country people are nosey and don’t need to be all up  in our business.”

And we laugh and keep it moving.

Sex is a great way to relieve stress and cope with grief.

Watch a brief clip on Xtube of our threesome with Micky.

So after the service and repast (a cousin who is a caterer did the food and it was off-the chain) Van and I slipped away from the crowd and went to our hotel room and went online. And soon met “Micky,” a retired military guy who is 6 foot five with a 10-inch dick and toned body.

Micky is usually a top but on Saturday night he wanted to get fucked and that is what we did to him. He also loves Platinum Wet lube and is not averse to spreading it around.

So soon we were all sweaty and oily.

The sex was so good the sheets came off the bed.



I take a photo of “Van” (left) and Micky during a break in the threesome.


Me banging MIcky from the back.

Me banging Micky from the back.



Trying to take a selfie while fucking doggy style is hard lol.


Micky's dick.

Micky’s dick.

22 thoughts on “After Grief, Sex

  1. Immanuel you weren’t grieving too hard, if you picked up someone and had sex after a funeral. You are too much sometimes, lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video. I took a look at it.

  2. Love that y’all can get together and do the damn thang. Love to see the pics but I’m reading this @ work on my laptop so I’ll view the pic/video later…can’t wait.Lol!

  3. Again, sorry to hear of your loss and I’m praying for your fam. The first time I read this post, I was waiting for this woman to call my name in the lobby for a job interview and had to walk with my bag in front of my pants! Great post. Sex can be a great way of relieving stress, I’d do well to have more of it!


  4. I make it a point not to tell anyone how they should handle the grieving process. Everyone processes life changes differently. Not being a churchy, TD Jakes type, I got sick of my dad’s phony religious family telling me how to handle my grief bid’ness during the whole funeral process.

    That being said, I ain’t judging, lol, although I did have a few laughs at the post title. After-grief sex? Leave it to you bro and that libido of yours to create a while new erotic category. Looking forward to the posts about getting busy during earthquakes (“AFTERshock Sex”); at NASA rocket launches (“AFTERburner sex”); on a Disneyworld ride (“Happily Ever AFTER Sex”); but hopefully never one about some dude with bad hygeine that eats a lot of asparagus (“Bitter AFTERtaste Sex”) lol

  5. Immanuel,
    Sorry for your loss but I am glad that you were able to relieve stress with some freaky fun! I am under a lot of stress myself and hoping to do that real soon also! Great story and video!

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