The Zodiac Signs that are Sexy to Me


I’m a Gemini with Aries rising.

Air and Fire.

Intellect and aggression.

An airhead and bullheaded at the same time.

There are some signs I just click with sexually and others that frustrate me. Here are my favorites:

ARIES: Most Aries were high school or college athletes or they follow sports closely. And they treat sex like a contact sport. They are energetic, creative and always game and ready to go. Aggressive. And like the warrior god Ares who this sign is named after they like to be in control whether top or bottom. I always love playing with Aries and my current partner “Van” is one so he is good to go.

TAURUS: Sensual. Methodical. Attentive. Sex to them is as natural as breathing and that’s how they treat sex. Like something that should be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated like a gourmet meal and fine wine. My good buddy “Rex” is a Taurus. He taught me the ropes.

LIBRA: Freaks with a heart of gold. Libras love good sex and cherish the connectedness. They will try anything once. No judging. No criticizing. But the thing that makes them special is you really want to be their friend afterward.

SCORPIO: They are slow to warm but once they do…watch out! Freaky and intense. But also observant of their partners so they know how to turn you out. After sex they may be cool or analytical but it’s worth the romp on bed.

SAGITTARIUS: I would never be in a relationship with one because this sign is notorious for wandering away and losing interest. But the sex is always spirited and robust. How can I explain it? They just love good, bed rocking sex. And they tend to be long-winded. So enjoy the ride with them and never try to tie them down. If they want to come back to you they will.

Q: Readers what is your favorite sign to kick it with?

33 thoughts on “The Zodiac Signs that are Sexy to Me

  1. I don’t know anything about the signs. I’m an Aries, but not sure, if the description fits me. Not sure about the sports and contact sport thing. I think I might creative, with the right person, but it never turns out how I planned it. I remember this one time I wanted to try the Velvet Tongue, and burnt his dick.

      • Hot tea, but I guess you can use hot water, but tea taste better…and you coat you tongue with honey first, and hold the two in your mouth. The consistency of the two in your mouth, while giving you fellatio…this is a classy act, so not a blow job. Anyway this supposed to feel something amazing, not sure. I have never had someone perform it on me, so not sure. I think I could handle it, because I have a higher threshold for hot water. Apparently in my mouth too, because I thought if it was cool enough to hold in my mouth it was cool enough for his dick. Well jump to a scream later, and you realize, you might be wrong. He just had a sensitive dick. I remember I tried giving him head, with iced liquid in my mouth …it was like his dick saw it’s shadow and went back in its hole, and said six more weeks of winter. I mean there was no hope for coaching that dick out of the shrinkage. You live you learn. I just don’t think he like to try new things. He would say afterwards, “Can we just do it the regular way now.” I don’t know what his sign was. I really don’t ask that at all; never occurs me to. I don’t know why I feel like I have gotten with a lot of Leo’s though.

        I thought about what you said, I guess that can be me…with guys I have been with for a while, which is rare, like I can count it on my hand. How do you know what your rising is? What does that mean?

      • Wow thanks for the explanation of Velvet Tongue. You should an Oscar for Best Supporting Freak for attempting that! Wow. A rising sign is the sign that was dawning in the sky when you were born. Google “free astrological chart.” You should get an entry called Astrolabe. Enter your birthdate, place you were born and approximate time to find your rising sign and more.

  2. I’m an Aries! 3/31! I’ve found that my strongest attractions to (masculine) men have been Leos and Sagitarii. What I do know is that my sign is not compatible with Capricorns. I have family Capricorns that I don’t even get along with lmao


  3. I love myself some Virgo and Scorpio, however I love my fellow Pisces…It just depends on the person in my honest opinion and not the Zodiac

  4. I’m Libra and my ex is a Gemini. I always been attracted to Geminis. Admire their intelligence and aggressiveness.. I’m very mild mannered and patience so the split personality thing they have don’t bother me at all… I do have a heart of gold and I’m glad we remained friends all the years afterward. Lol. Scorpios are hot too and very aggressive in bed!!! Best sex I ever had been with scorpios and Geminis.

    • Yeah Geminis can be moody. Van says I am but I don’t agree. Sometimes I just like to be quiet and withdraw. Glad sexually you click sexually with us. I live Libras.

  5. “And like the warrior god Ares who this sign is named after they like to be in control whether top or bottom.” Sir, please STOP telling the WWW ma biz. You don’t know me! LOL BOL

    These descriptions, whether in meme format or written out in paragraphs, are usually spot on. Their description of me often times make me get hot in the face -grins-

    I freak with all the signs, including mine, but when it gets down to having a deep and solid relationship it is then I get quite analytical and careful in who I select as a partner.

    So until then, I FREAK ON! #Aries4ever

      • A-TO-THE-MEN! I am working on 2 key things as I age and mature:

        1) clear communication makes for clear understanding
        2) speaking THE truth and MY truth, even if my voice shakes.

        Let when I die -whenever that is- the people that have condolences can express them SINCERELY (and without reservations). & that’s me in a nutshell :o)

  6. I’m an Aries with Cancer rising – whatever that means. My hubby is Libra and he is the ONLY one who can put a lid on me when I get spun up and aggravated. Everyone else just gets me spun up even more. All he has to do is say “Stop!” and I calm the fuck down. He keeps my impulses in check and builds me up when I think I’ve failed. When I’ve exhausted myself, he re-energizes me.

    My ex was a Libra too……but far from calming me down, that mothaf*cka just aggravated me even more!

    In terms of the most passionate relationship (sexual or otherwise) I ever had – it was with another Aries who shared my birthday. He was one year younger than me. I’ve read before that a relationship with two Aries is too explosive and it’s doomed to failure. We failed because he was still in love with an ex that he couldn’t get out of his head. My guy was Peruvian, handsome, Latin Lover type……OMG. The temperature in the room shot up when we were together. Clothes got ripped off.

    He brought out the impulsive and naughty side of me. I blew him while he drove down Coast Highway, we made out in his kitchen, in a wooded area, in the hallway and the closet of a condo he was painting. Oyyyyyy!!

    I love my husband, but I’ll never forget the Peruvian!

  7. Immanuel, according to the Astrolabe site, I am an Aries with Capricorn rising. The best sex I have had are with Leos, Geminis as well as with other Aries. There are some other guys from my past that I had GREAT times with but I do not know their signs at all. I am curious to play with a Scorpio. It is interesting to share with you that there is a difference between March Aries people and April Aries people. I am not that much into sports at all but I am creative. Love this post!

  8. Not into astrology or religion, but I don’t down others for following zodiac as long as they keep it social and fun and don’t get all serious and Nancy Reagan on me (“Ronnie, wake up! Jeanne Dixon wrote you’re sign says to make bold moves. BOMB RUSSIA NOW!!!!”). Being the same age as you, Immanuel, zodiac talk for me usually brings back childhood memories of black-fisted Afro combs, “Keep on Truckin'” t-shirts, big-titty topless soul sistahs on black velvet paintings, incense, and crappy white songs on 70s AM radio (“I’m not talking about Meridian…”)

    That being said, if Idris Elba showed up at your door, asking for you by name and wearing only a speedo, you’d be like, “Sorry bruh, virgos don’t do it for me” ? I mean, I’m not into zodiac…but SOMEBODY gotta stick up for virgos like me and Idris dammit! Lol

    • Great comment. Okay yep someone has to stick up for Virgos. Lawd knows someone has to Rico cuz all need help. You want to get freaky sooooo bad but propriety and people will think hold you back. But when Virgos get freaky they pull out all the nasty stops. But then the next day the Virgin returns and they get uptight again. That’s why I can’t roll with them. I need a consistent freak but y’all make great friends (and accountants and lawyers). Oh and Idris could show up at my door wearing a garbage bag and get it lol.

  9. I love the zodiac, it actually gives you a great prospective on people and from reading your blog post it’s very accurate I’m a Taurus myself anjd I’m extremely attentive and wanting to please my ex was an Aries and he was very aggressive which I loved but it just didn’t workout I fine Aries to be sneaky and selfish but that’s for another blog post lol but I do hear a lot of great stuff happens in the bed room with geminis it’s like being with two ppl I hope one day I can find out

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