The Zodiac Signs that are Sexy to Me


I’m a Gemini with Aries rising.

Air and Fire.

Intellect and aggression.

An airhead and bullheaded at the same time.

There are some signs I just click with sexually and others that frustrate me. Here are my favorites:

ARIES: Most Aries were high school or college athletes or they follow sports closely. And they treat sex like a contact sport. They are energetic, creative and always game and ready to go. Aggressive. And like the warrior god Ares who this sign is named after they like to be in control whether top or bottom. I always love playing with Aries and my current partner “Van” is one so he is good to go.

TAURUS: Sensual. Methodical. Attentive. Sex to them is as natural as breathing and that’s how they treat sex. Like something that should be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated like a gourmet meal and fine wine. My good buddy “Rex” is a Taurus. He taught me the ropes.

LIBRA: Freaks with a heart of gold. Libras love good sex and cherish the connectedness. They will try anything once. No judging. No criticizing. But the thing that makes them special is you really want to be their friend afterward.

SCORPIO: They are slow to warm but once they do…watch out! Freaky and intense. But also observant of their partners so they know how to turn you out. After sex they may be cool or analytical but it’s worth the romp on bed.

SAGITTARIUS: I would never be in a relationship with one because this sign is notorious for wandering away and losing interest. But the sex is always spirited and robust. How can I explain it? They just love good, bed rocking sex. And they tend to be long-winded. So enjoy the ride with them and never try to tie them down. If they want to come back to you they will.

Q: Readers what is your favorite sign to kick it with?

When I Stopped Lying on the Web


The new profile pic.

Be honest. Many of us lie about our ages on online hookup sites.

I know guys who have been 35 for almost a decade. And men who I know are pushing 60 have the nerve to say they are 49.

Part of the reason is the gay world is  obsessed with youth. Some folks really believe you are over the hill at 35.

That is until they get to be 35 themselves and realize it really isn’t that old at all.

My partner “Van” thinks this is silly. Why front? Be honest, he says.

Yet another buddy of mine who is in his mid 50s also puts up his real age and said he has no shortage of folks hitting his sexy chocolate ass up, including alot of 20-somethings who want that Daddy experience.

So yesterday I updated my Adam4Adam profile.

I keep in good shape and try to exercise and eat well. I enjoy life. Im virile. I’m happy and in a good relationship.

So I changed my age from 45 to 51, which is what I really am. And I took a nice new pic.

And I said I was in a relationship but we play.

And I clicked the button and waited. Nervous as hell that my sex appeal has evaporated like water in a tea kettle left on the burner too long because I’m over the big 5-0.

But guess what? My inbox has blown up. Folks are hitting me up right and left. Of all ages.

“Can I get with you and your boi?”

“Is your partner as sexy as you?”

“Hot pics Daddy.”

Wow. Honesty really is the best policy!