DL Confessions Interview: How “RoyInSF” Jumped into Gay Porn at Midlife

I originally posted this article about porn actor “RoyInSF” in 2011 on my original blog DLConfessions. It was lost along with several other posts when that site crashed. I got back in contact with Roy and he graciously agreed to let me update and repost his story of entering the adult film industry at midlife.
Roy can be found on XTube as RoyInSF.

Roy can be found on XTube as RoyInSF.


Come on, be honest. We have all fantasized about being a porn star.
Well “RoyInSF” fantasized about doing it and made  it happen. And although having sex on film can be hot and intense, Roy says doing pornography is not as easy as getting your dick hard and having sex with your neighborhood fuck buddy.
There are three or four people hovering over you and your partner, and you have to angle your body to make the shot just right for the viewer at home. 
And Roy, 50, a tall, golden-skinned man of African American and American Indian descent with a fat, 9.5-inch dick, is a perfectionist who sometimes agonizes over his performance.
“It is the hardest work you have ever done in your fucking life — it‘s so much harder than it looks,” he said by telephone from his home in San Francisco. “It‘s work, work, work, work. You have to rest for two days beforehand.”
Yet Roy has quickly turned into a favorite male gay porn actor for me and possibly hundreds of thousands of others.
I saw his profile on Adam4Adam in 2011 when he was visiting Washington, D.C. for the Mid Atlantic Leather Conference back. I noticed he wrote about doing amateur porn on X-tube and gave his user name.
I looked a few of the clips and was impressed — my dick got hard but my brain was stimulated, too.
Thug porn bores the hell out of me. But here was a guy a little older than me proving mature guys could still be sexy, hot and masterful lovers.
Sometimes Roy was rough with his partners in the films. Sometimes he was gentle. Sometimes he was gentle and rough.
But the shot that got me was when a long, haired white dude was kneeling in front of Roy, sucking his big dick with relish. And Roy looked right at the camera and winked — an un-selfconscious wink that said, “Man, I’m enjoying myself and I hope you are enjoying yourself watching me.”
It was like he was inviting you to come into the action. I was hooked.
So I hit him up online and said I was interested in interviewing him for my blog. We didn’t get a chance to meet in Washington, D.C. and he got sick when he returned home but eventually we connected by phone and had a great conversation.
Getting started in porn
How did you get into porn was the first thing I asked.
Roy had always lived life on the straight and narrow. He grew up poor in Chicago and was one of the first people in his family to finish high school. He went on to college, got his master’s degree, and law degree and continues to be active in church.
But when a co-worker tried to sabotage his career by revealing Roy had once dated a porn actor something broke in him. Roy weathered that storm and kept his job, despite having to reveal personal information about himself to his employers.
“I learned a valuable lesson,” he said. “There is no such thing as propriety and safety.”
So Roy had a “what-the-hell” moment and decided to do something he had always wanted to do but hadn’t because he felt fenced in by the need to do “the right thing.” He began to do porn.
Roy, who has been HIV positive since 1988, was approached by a major porn studio and decided to take them up on the offer. He had long been asked to do pornography because, well, he has a huge dick that can stay hard.
“Their principles are very ethical — it’s like family,” he said of the experience. “I did my first real movie in September of 2010. I wasn’t crazy about my performance but everybody thought it was great. You have to put in time and practice.”
An XTube Sensation
Roy's tool.

Roy’s tool.

Then Roy decided to develop his own brand by putting short clips of himself masturbating and having sex with various partners on XTube.

The response he got proved he could have a successful part-time career as a porn actor.
“I went viral very fast,” he said. “I had just above a million views in the first month. People all over the world were writing me saying not only that they had cum off my video but how the videos affected their lives.”
Five years after launching his XTube site  continues to thrive.  He has had more than nine million views on XTube and tens of millions more views on websites such as Pornhub, MyVidster and RedTube.
“That’s crazy popular,considering the fact that many of my 100 plus videos are private and require a PIN to view,” he said. “Also my videos continue to be highly rated. Go figure. They have a combined 98 percent rating.”
“That’s wild, considering how many hateful trolls there are out there.”
Porn, religion, racism and the demand for mature porn
Roy is open about his sexuality — he told his mother he was attracted to men when he was just 12 years old — and at one time he was even married to a female.
Roy is active in his church and is even involved in leadership.  He sees no conflict between serving God and doing pornography.
A photo of Roy by photographer Duane Cramer (https://duanecramercreative.wordpress.com/).

A photo of Roy by photographer Duane Cramer (www.duanecramer.com).

“It’s really basic and it’s really real,” he said, explaining his beliefs. “God created us in his/her/their own image with our sexuality by purpose and design.”

“We are made sexual by creation and design — even asexual. There is no reconciliation that is needed before God. And it is as fundamental and as plain as that.”
Roy only has sex with other HIV-positive people in his personal films. And these people must have an undetectable viral load and be in treatment. That is why most of the guys who appear on his XTube posts are close friends.
I asked him why the thug genre continues to dominate the depiction of African Americans in gay porn. Roy says the reason is that racism still exists in the gay community — black men are viewed as either dominant or thugs and the public buys this image.
It is a mold Roy is trying to break through his porn. He is a mature black man who shows a range of sexual behavior. His movies do not present the stereotypical, cookie-cutter image of gay black men.
“Sometimes I am rough as hell and I am really fucking these boys,“ he said. “Other times I am kissing them and caressing them.”
As the Baby Boomer and subsequent generations of gay men get older and continue to be sexually active Roy predicts the demand for mature porn will grow. He thinks he is at the forefront of something big.
“I’m older and mature. I have a better sense of myself,” Roy said. “Gay people do one thing better than anyone else — they reinvent themselves.
“We are eroticizing ourselves,” he continues. “Why did the Bear Culture come about? White guys got fat and hairy.”
UPDATE: Roy is now 55 and continues to practice law. He hopes to retire from the profession. He has pretty much retired from filming studio porn. His last scene was shot last fall and will be released soon.