DL Confessions Interview: Life After Porn with Aarin Driver

Aarin Driver during his porn days. Photo courtesy of terrhot.blogspot.com.

Aarin Driver during his porn days. Photo courtesy of terrhot.blogspot.com.

Former porn actor Aarin Driver didn’t go into the adult film industry to make money. Growing up he loved watching gay porn so having sex on camera was a way to fulfill a fantasy and just have fun.

“There was always a serious plan,” said Driver, 36, who was attending college and got a bachelors degree in English Arts while doing two films and scenes for DawgPound USA and PapiThugz. “It was in and out.”

That was why it was easy to walk away from the camera. Now the Phoenix, Arizona native lives in small-town York, Pa., works in the financial aid office at a college, and is planning to return to college to finish his master’s degree in education administration or counseling.

He moved to Pennsylvania from Chicago to be with his partner, a man 10 years his senior who he originally met a year out of high school.

Today, a decade after first doing porn, Driver is busy helping students secure the money they need to get an education and in the kitchen experimenting with exotic food recipes. He loves the rural Pennsylvanian lifestyle.

When he feels a yearning for the big city he is an hour or so drive from Baltimore, Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia.

He says he is content, very much in love and even contemplating marriage.

“I never thought about marriage until I got with the dude I’m with now,” said Driver, a fast talker with a deep, masculine voice.

Buddy System Porn

Driver grew up in a conservative, extremely religious family. He is the oldest of three boys.

His parents divorced and his mother remarried a man Driver said fit the stereotype of the evil stepfather. Driver’s birth father, who was black, died while he was in high school. He is proud to say he was able to comfort his sick father and hold his hand while he passed away.

Driver never discussed being gay with his family and today has a familial relationship with only one of his brothers. Gay porn was an outlet — a way to come to term with his sexuality. In fact,  Driver said he learned a lot about being gay from watching it.

Aarin Driver and friend Ian Rock entered porn together. Photo courtesy of terhott.blogspot.com.

Aarin Driver and friend Ian Rock entered porn together. Photo courtesy of terhott.blogspot.com.

Years later, when he moved to Chicago, Driver and friend Ian Rock were at a leather convention and met a director who worked with celebrated gay porn producer and drag queen performer Chi Chi LaRue.

The director liked them and Driver and Rock decided to enter the porn industry together,  make a little money or  even launch their own business.  In fact, they shot a scene together that many consider one of the hottest in gay porn. Their chemistry was so intense many fans and gay porn news outlets and bloggers assumed they were lovers.

Driver shot those rumors down. He said he and Rock were just roommates and fuck buddies. There was never a serious relationship although they still keep in touch.

Driver said for him doing porn was enjoyable. He is a natural exhibitionist and it was exciting having sex with such hot men. However, porn has a dark side — drug abuse occurs and the list of porn actors who commit suicide is long. And the industry can exploit actors, Driver said.

Although he indulged in some of the fast side of porn life Driver didn’t let it overwhelm him or keep him from his ultimate goal of a career in education.

Do porn because you love sex, not $$$

Today, he advises people who want to do porn to do it because they love sex and not because of the money. And if you worry doing porn will hinder your future career prospects don’t even think about it.

That is because once your sex acts are digitally recorded and on the Web they are out there forever, easily downloaded on anyone’s cellphone, tablet or laptop.

For the most part his straight friends and coworkers have no idea he did porn. Only gay people recognize him as that hot, slender guy with dreads who could give dick as good as he took it.

“It only really happens when I’m in that (gay) population, like at Blatino Oasis or a gay club,” he said.

But Driver has no regrets. He had a blast doing porn.

“I was young and tender and wanted to get out and continue to live my regular day life,” he said.

aarindriver2More about Aarin Driver:

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Book: “The Color of Water; A Black Man’s Tribute to his White Mother” by James McBride

Favorite Films: “Freeway” starring Reese Witherspoon and “Snatch” from director Guy Ritchie

What may surprise you about him: He’s a serious Trekkie