The DL Boys in the Neighborhood


These look like the youth that hang on some corners of my neighborhood. Despite the masculine bravado I am surprised some of them play with other men. Photo courtesy of

My neighborhood in Baltimore sits right by the water near the football and baseball stadiums and casino and is targeted for growth. A billionaire developer has already bought up a large chunk of it.

But it’s still sketchy in places. Young men sell drugs on some corners while neighbors turn a blind eye.

One of these young men flirts with my partner “Van” and me constantly. He hangs with the drug crew and I know he just served several months in juvenile jail.

He is tall and gangly.  Light-skinned with sandy, kinky hair.

When he sees Van or me he will pull down his already sagging pants even further and even his drawers, showing much of his ass. He will do this even with friends nearby.

Early Saturday Van and I were driving up the street and came to a stop sign. He was standing there. I was in the passenger seat. He looked me straight in the eye and put his hands down his pants and rubbed his dick.

I think he even licked his thin lips.

I averted my gaze and tried to act like I had no reaction at all.

“Did you see that motherfucker?,” I said after Van turned the car around the corner.

“Yeah, just ignore it he does that with me,” Van said. “If you acknowledge it, it will get worse. He is just trying to get attention.”

“They aren’t on Jack’d and they aren’t on Adam4Adam,” Ray said. “They are really down-low.”

I have to admit the boy is cute. And that red bubble butt perched on top of those long legs looks tempting.

Under other circumstances I would invite him in the house and Van and I would fuck the shit out of him. But it’s not good to play in your neighborhood.

He could be setting us up so he can get in our house and steal. He could really be gay and looking for sex. Or knowing that we are a gay couple he could be homophobic and taunting us although showing your ass and rubbing your penis is a funny way to harass two gay men.

Finally, he could be merely hustling. I know gay men who pay these boys on the corners in Baltimore for dick or ass. With jobs scarce in the hood it seems some are “gay-for-pay.” That line of work certainly beats risking your life or serving jail time by selling drugs on the corner.

“Ray,” the “Thug Up the Block” in an earlier blog post, visited Van and I Saturday night. His house caught fire but insurance is rebuilding it and he wanted to update us on his progress.

We told him about the young boy and he wasn’t surprised. He has fucked around with several neighborhood men.

“They aren’t on Jack’d and they aren’t on Adam4Adam,” he said. “They are really down-low.”

He talked about one neighbor around the corner who sucked his dick like a pro and then would go out and hang out like any homie on the corner.

“You would never know that nigga loves dick,” Ray said.

Ray works nights and was sitting on his porch at 3 a.m. when a man who lives on the next street over came by walking his dog. The man made eye contact with Ray and held it and then looked back at him as he walked down the street.

Ray stood up on his brick porch steps and said, “So wassup?”

Yep, Ray got some ass that night. The dude didn’t even bother to take his dog home.

Ray fucked another guy around here who was barely out of his teens but had to break it off because the boy kept knocking on his door at all hours, making the fact Ray is gay too obvious to the neighbors.

Van and I have a “straight” neighbor three houses up who is very friendly. A handsome brown-skinned older gentleman with curly gray hair who has a cute younger girlfriend.

When Van and I had a sex party he noticed all the men entering at night. I said Van and I were having a card party.

“You have to invite me next time,” he said.

Ray told me the real deal. This neighbor likes to suck dick and was surprised by another neighbor giving a man head in his car.

“If you asked him to your sex party I bet he would suck every dick in the house,” Ray said.

Q: Readers should I follow Van’s advice and keep ignoring him or confront him?


29 thoughts on “The DL Boys in the Neighborhood

  1. My advice would be to ignore him. I met a young tenderoni years ago. He was 17 at the time. I told him to come back when he turned 18. When he did, I rocked his world. His girlfriend/baby mama lived down the street from me. He would knock on my door early in the morning, wanting to chill. I had to put a stop to it. A few days later, someone tried to break into my house. I’m sure it was him. I saw him a few days later and told him that I knew it was him…..and to never bother me again. I have not seen or heard from him since.

    • Damontay I think I will take your advice. I don’t need that drama at my doorstep. He is so blatant with it. I was walking to the light rail with a buddy and he was talking with a group of friends. He walked a little away from them and pulled those pants down so you could see his ass. He looks like a little freak in training but looks like I won’t be his teacher lol.

  2. I would ignore him. As you have advised it could be a set up or could be something that you might not want to deal with at this time.

      • See that’s why us gays get kill becuz y’all wanna post pics of them . they are down low means they Dont won’t nobody in their business. Yall sissy queens keeps up drama too much an I see why y’all come up dead becuz y’all wanna expose people then when the person finds out they gonna kill y’all asses. Couple months ago down here we had a sissy pretending to be a girl so when the dude found out he kill him . he wrap a waterhole around his nake. So stop trying to take pictures of people cuz it can back fire on your ass. Peace

      • Kiss my ass: Negro please. Sissy Queen? You mean your Daddy right? And if young boy or any other closet gay man around here messes with me they are getting ael cap in their ass. Happy Easter! Immanuel

  3. Damn. I need to visit Baltimore.. Lol!
    I imagine the same is for every city, concerning DL brothas, we know “That Look” that says I’m down, but yeahni agree leave it alone if you feel unsure bro, in other words listen to your instincts. That’s hard when you see something so inviting, it’s like a test. Ugh!

    • LOL jailovzmen. Yep, it’s the same in every city probably but it is very pervasive in Baltimore. I remember sitting at a stop light at North Avenue and Eutaw and this guy walked by and put his hands down the front of his sweatpants and pulled them down so I could see what he had. As I wrote before I know a gay man who is married to a woman who lives in Silver Spring who comes to Baltimore to a friend’s house for the sole purpose of hooking up with trade. He pays them. This man is a retired lawyer and I cautioned him that he could be setting himself up to get robbed or even worse. Not to mention catching a disease — Van and I joke that these boys on the corner look fine but some of them look like they need a really good bath. For instance, this guy who flirts with us wears the same underwear for days. How do we know? He keeps pulling them down so we can see them.

  4. Immanuel, the tall, lanky light-skinned dude is trying to bait you. Tempt you with the backside, so that he can get SOMETHING from you. He is hoping that something will be some cash, or access to something valuable. It’s a bait. Since he wants to ‘display’ his ‘wears’ you can always bring that booty to mind next time you masturbate. ( Hell, I would 😉 And you can do that for FREE. lol

    • LOL! You are so right. I’m not messing with him. Besides, Van would kill me if I invited that dude in the house. I can be out front working in the garden or cutting the grass and he will do his little flirting and I won’t even speak. But it’s like he won’t give up. This started about a year ago and then he went to jail for a few months and got out and it started up again but was more obvious. His ass probably got turned out in juvvie hall.

      • If he’s flirting with you while you’re working in the yard, just turn on the hose end sprinkler full blast and walk inside, leaving him to get wet. After all, you said he needed a bath!!

        I wonder…….does “wet street trade” smell as bad as “wet dog” ?

      • LOL PDQ. Unfortunately I don’t have a garden hose in front of the house — have to get my plumber to install one. But I do have a big watering can but it will be hard accidentally tipping that over on him. So we have to come up with another plan lol.

  5. Be careful with some of the guys. Some of them are not emotionally mature to handle their feelings if they become involved. It can be scary for them to realize that they like or have feelings that may bring them to the realization that they like men.

  6. Ummm do y’all have any houses /units for sale or rent in that

    I’m gonna go against the grain on this one and say, test the waters but on the side of caution. If he’s been in and out of jail, then there may be some screws loose in that young mans head. And you do not want that mojo all up in ya house. But a nice fourplay session outdoors behind a CVS may be Hot! Lol.

    OK I’m thinking with my hormones here, don’t mind me : )

  7. Okay this blog post, had me smiling from beginning to the end. I know this situation well. I have been with this kind of guy many times. I mean of all the guys I have been with…it has been a few, most have been thugs and the homeboy down the street. I have developed my own personal philosophy and theories, when comes to juvvie. I have experienced every spectrum of the scale that you mentioned, in this post. So I know what I would do…I know what plans I would put into motion…but there’s no need to mention it, because you have already made up your mind what you are going to do….
    Probably before you posted.
    Anyway this was entertaining. I find it interesting that, you mentioned twice, about Ray saying these guys aren’t on Jack’d or Adam4adam…ah, of course not! I mean shows how the DL landscape has changed, being shocked, that these guys aren’t on these sex apps.

  8. Theboyking10…right!
    I mean if I had a dime, for every time I have done it behind a CVS…well, I wouldn’t be a millionaire, BUT I could get me a nice lobster sailor’s platter from Red Lobster.and maybe even a Pina Coloda too.

    These nigga just don’t know…I mean these gentleman.

      • See, this is why I’m not wasting my time, laying out a plan. You know you made up your mind, before you posted…lol

        I wasted my time once before, with you and a plan. I believe he was a construction worker or some kind of blue collar worker…I believe there was talk about overalls or a neon vest…I’m not sure. Anyway, don’t remember the name of the post, but he used to give you the eye on the metro, the tranist, or a bus…some sorta city transportation. You were all like, “What should I do? He gives me the eye; should I go for it?” And of course, yours truly…over here, laid out a, “What I would do, if I were you” plan. Do you know what you did? I’m assuming nothing, because I WE never got a follow-up. Y’all still riding the bus, giving each other the eye, singing Erykah Badu’s Next Lifetime.

        But I think that this is best left, for the experience and the the advanced. Do Not Try This At Home, Folks!

  9. It’s definitely wise to be careful of niggas like these. You never know WHAT these DL dudes have going on in their heads. What’s worse is that some DL niggas are the biggest Breeditraw snake-charming bottoms behind closed doors. Unfortunately, I was born without a gaydar so I can never really detect them, but some guys just have that “look”, I guess.


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