22 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking? Part I

  1. Oh me, oh my. I see titties and a woman’s behind in a thong. Oh me oh my. Is this a transgender person? (and this comment comes for a admirer of thick, corn-fed, linebacker butts on thick, corn-fed, masculine linebacker men.) This is just gets an ‘oh me oh my’ from me. lol.

  2. Dayum!! That’s a lotta……well….man…there! I love me a thick man, but I’m not sure I’m down with all that!

    You mind sharing the sites you find these pics on when you start posting them? For example was this one found on a “big boys” type of site?

  3. I wonder do he think his fat azz looks good. I wonder if he is getting pounded on the regular bases……. To have the nerve to post a picture like that…. Sometime people look in the mirror and they see something completely different than what we see…..lol.

  4. This is a very interesting and informative message. My family Doctor is a female also. She young and very knowledgeable when it comes to health. She suggest condoms for everything as well. It is really scary out there fellows. STDs are running rapid and a lot of STDs can leave you vulnerable to other more serious diseases. Taking a swab test of the throat, rectum and a urine test should be done at every yearly physical to keep yourself clean. Using a condom for everything is essential. Not glamorous or cute but it’s the safest way to go……

  5. Now when I initially read this post, I wasn’t going to say anything, but these comments, brought me here.
    Okay…Immanuel you know I got your back. As a fellow blog contemporary…me not so much anymore…I respect you and dare I say, would call you an online…friend? Maybe aquaintance is a better word, but for this analogy, I’m going with online friend. So just like with my offline real friends, I always got or your back, but if I got to call you out…
    Well it is done from a place of love.

    Now with that being said, dude without a doubt you are judging this nigga! And that’s fine…I’m even thinking maybe…”Judge Immanuel Rules,” or “You Be the Judge.” Based off the comments I read the ruling seems to be No Fems, No Fats, and No Fags. Which is pretty consistent in the gay community, from what I’ve seen.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I think this is a terrible picture…I mean everything. However, I basically have conflicting views on this picture overall. Whereas initially I hate this picture. If I looked like him, I would never take a picture, like this; but then again I wouldn’t take a picture like this at any size. I personally, loathe the ass on the bathroom pics, to start with. Anyway, I kind of envy this man…yes that’s right. I wish, that I would have ever been this comfortable, in my skin; to take a picture like this. His confidence, whether misappropriated or not, should be respected. You can’t tell him he isn’t sexy, that he isn’t rocking that that thong. He knows, he bringing all the boys to the yard. Look confidence can be an amazing afrodiciac. I have seen enough couples, walking around here looking like number 10s, to know, that some men are into this. Granted this is more prevalent, in heterosexual couples, but I have seen enough…specific…kinds of ameteur porn, to know someone is digging this picture…thong and all.

    Now Immanuel I know you have been apart in certain pride…festivities, so I know you’re acquainted with seeing men, in thongs. I think all of you have an issue, with the extra square footage this thong is surrounded by.

  6. I’ve seen some big boys pull off sum nicely done sexy poses (normally these are the ones that are flexible than most husky men), but yea this isn’t it. However, by the way he is posing he is making sure he advertise the largest asset of his body so I give him an “A” for creating a clear “focal point” cause some people be having random ass pics of all up on they profile like it’s a big joke.

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